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Prayer Times Houston

Date9 March 2020
Fajar06:32 AM
Sunrise07:39 AM
Zuhr1:32 PM
Asr04:54 PM
Maghrib07:26 PM
Isha08:32 PM

Prayer Times Houston: Human civilizations have been around for a long time and each of the civilizations has had some sort of religious element embedded deeply in them and the entire civilizations were established on this. We look back at the time of Romans then we see that they were religious and over time many religions have come forth. All of the religions have some religious text that they live by for instance Christians have the Bible, Jews have the Torah and Muslims have the Holy Quran. All of these religions have a way of praying in one way or another.

Islam & The World

For Muslims, we are the second largest religion of the world in terms of number of worshipers and Muslims are spread across the entire land. Muslim leaders ensured that Islam spread across the world and we have had many Muslim leaders who took Islam across Asia, Europe, America and even to the Siberian tundra. The world has seen great feats of Islamic leaders and has stood by and watched as Islam has grown to be the second largest religion of the world.


Houston is a city in the state of Texas and has an estimated population of 2.3 million people and a major chunk of the people are Christians. Houston’s first mosque was built in 1928 and over the years as the population has grown so have the Islamic Centers. America is one of the few countries of the world where all the religions of the world can be found and religious liberty is one of the cornerstones of the establishment of America as a nation.

Houston Prayer Times

If we talk about the prayers in Islam then there are 5: Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib & Isha, Muslims pray 5 times a day while facing the Kaaba. In case you are wondering when to pray, then simply look up the time to prayers in Houston and you can easily be aware of all the prayer times in Houston.There are several Islamic centers in Houston and the oldest one is the Islamic Dawah Center. Muslims perform ablution before every prayer, ablution is the purification method Muslims perform before prayer so that they are pure of any impurities and also so that they are clean as they enter the premises of the Mosque. Additionally, Muslims have to perform Ghusl, which is the Islamic way of cleaning yourself with water.

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