PTCL Stands With The People of Pakistan In a Time of Crisis

There are unprecedented times that we are living in, Covid-19 has brought the entire world to its knees – economies wrecked, industries shut, employment rising quick and the looming danger of a recession. The virus first broke out in Wuhan, China in December 2019, and from there it has went to spread across the world at an alarming rate, infection over a million people and the death toll from this virus- in thousands.

PTCL Stands With The People of Pakistan

In order to combat this, many private individuals and companies have stepped up to help the people of Pakistan. One such company is PTCL, who has donated a cheque of 100 million PKR to the Prime Ministers Covid-19 Relief Fund. This donation is by far the biggest contribution to the relief efforts by any company or individual. Moreover, PTCL is the largest telecom operator on Pakistan and with that, they have been working around the clock to ensure that there are no connectivity issues.

In addition to this, PTCL has been organizing ration drives to help the people worse affected by the pandemic. With this initiative, PTCL will be providing rations to people across 25 cities and this will be helping a lot of people to be able to ensure their and their families’ needs are being met to some degree.

As for the future, the world is still gripped by Covid-19 and top health organizations and ruling bodies, are scrambling to find the vaccine and put an end to this.

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The World & Covid-19

World Health Organization and other such bodies are scrambling to find a vaccine but until that happens, the virus will continue to wreak havoc across the world. Some of the world’s largest countries have been hit the hardest such as USA, Italy and China, and governments all over the world have taken stringent measures to ensure that the spread of the virus is controlled. Nations worldwide have been put under lock down, and with schools, markets, factories and other such activities have been shut for the foreseeable future.

Covid-19 & Pakistan

One of the hardest hit countries has been Pakistan, and as Pakistan’s economy is fragile as it is, the nation is in risk of a recession. Pakistan lacks the resources to fight such a pandemic, but given the situation Pakistan is fighting the virus with all that its got. As the number of unemployment goes up, more and more people risk falling below the poverty line and are at risk of food insecurity.

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