Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Release Date, Specs, Price

As the world continues to be at a standstill, the everyday lives of people have been disrupted, as well as, the closure of places with high population density such as, schools, offices, and other such places. Governments worldwide continue to impose strict lockdowns, which has wreaked havoc on small-scale and medium-scale industries. in this article you can find details about Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Will the launch of Note 20 be delayed?

The pandemic has impacted several events worldwide, events that were watched by the people with great enthusiasm such as, sports events, award functions and, last but the least, tech release events. And, the release of Samsung’s long-awaited Note 20 and Note 20+ has also been a question that has been hanging in the air for quite some time.

When will it be announced?

According to some sources, Samsung will launch their flagship Note 20 and Note 20+, in addition to this, Samsung will, most likely, announce the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Since the phones cannot be launched at a physical location due to the pandemic, Samsung will most likely announce these phones online around 7th August.

Had the world not been paralyses due to the Covid situation then, Samsung would have unveiled these devices in New York, where the outside world would have had their first glimpse of the Note 20 and the Note 20+.

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Rumored Specs

The Note Series has always been marketed towards young professionals who desire a lot of power from their smartphone. Moreover, it comes with a stylus included which enables the users to not only use it to interact with their Galaxy Note phones but also be able to use it as a remote to take pictures, among other stuff.

The Note Series has always had more power when compared to the S Series, but then again, it is geared towards customers that require additional firepower and a couple of extra horsepower. And, if the sources are correct then the Note 20 will have a huge 108MP sensor and a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 865 chipset. These two numbers alone are astonishingly huge, but then again Samsung is no stranger to making headline.

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