Sindh Govt Launches App for Digital Learning Amidst of COVID-19 Pandemic

In the world of technology, the Pakistan Education system introduces a very easy application for our children to make their education compulsory and important too. Minister of Sindh Saeed Ghani disclosed that the government is all prepared to finish an instructive application that would be productive for the understudies concentrating among kindergarten and grade 5.

While asking the press conference the educational minister of Sindh said:
“The app can be downloaded on Android mobiles. Through the app, students will be able to gain a real-time experience similar to what they have gained in school.”

As per the minister, the condition of the environment will not be good in the next few months or maybe year due to COVID 19, so this application will help our students to continue their studies and don’t waste precious time in the pandemic because health is also important for everyone especially children.

After that, he was describing the important feature of this application that there is an online library with downloadable eBooks that can be utilized by instructors and students. On the other hand, there is a visiting room where the teacher instructs and checks out the student activities.

Furthermore, he tells us that our new application will be completely controlled by parents and help their children to sign up here and do studies by fully concentrating. As indicated by the designers Sindhi will likewise be included in the application very soon. Saeed Ghani further included:

“For this reason, we allow the 500 teachers to teach them well, by the time we will admit more teachers for ease of students”.

He describes that we are really worried about our children’s future for this reason we construct the application. The pilot of e-class learning has just started in the zones of Mirpur Khas. The instruction service likewise said that it is hard to reach even half of the class quality at the outset yet as time cruises by, the division will have the option to accumulate around the understudies and ad-lib the web-based learning experience.

Other than that the cable operators in the area are additionally urged to run an instructive channel for the students every minute of every day with the goal that they would have the option to get to the classes continuously. The higher instructive authority is likewise considering collecting FM radio for instructive purposes.

The Pakistan education system seems very responsible when he describes that our education application has a different language for understanding. Students can choose the lesson for their ease of understanding where the English, Urdu, and Sindhi languages are already available.

You can easily download this app by Google Play Store by the name of the SELF Learning app. Our government put a great step for our children’s future, so don’t waste a single minute and make your child responsible for studies.

The application is known as SELF Learning application by Muse and it can without much of a stretch be downloaded by means of the Google Play store.

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