Telenor Call Packages | Daily, Weekly and Monthly Call Packages 2020

Telenor is a network provider that has been in operation in Pakistan since the mid-2000s. Telenor Pakistan is owned by the Telenor Group, that is based out of Norway. Ever since its commencement of operations in Pakistan, Telenor has been a favorite among the people of Pakistan, as Telenor provides a high quality of network and in prices that are affordable by everyone. In this article you will find the all about Telenor Call Packages details, such as Telenor Call Packages Daily, Telenor Call Packages Weekly and Telenor Call Packages Monthly.

In 2015, Telenor attained the license to launch their 4G network in Pakistan and with that successful acquisition of license, Telenor re branded itself to Telenor 4G. Telenor holds a significant chunk of the telecommunications market in Pakistan and in addition to this, Telenor has a customer base of approximately 45 million.

In terms of services, Telenor offers call packages, SMS packages and 2G, 3G and 4G internet packages. These packages are designed keeping in mind the need of the customers to enjoy top-notch services, in prices that are not too high. Call Packages that are offered by Telenor are catered to both post-paid and prepaid customers. The packages that are offered are as follows:

Telenor Daily Call Packages

These packages have a duration of 24 hours, after which they automatically expire. The users have been a fan of these packages because they provide sufficient talk time minutes to the users in a price that is not too high. Fans have a limited number of minutes for both off-net and on-net numbers.

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Telenor 3-Day Call Packages 

For the users out there, who are looking for packages that do not cost much and keep their needs fulfilled for 3 days then, these packages are for them. Moreover, some of these 3-day packages are hybrid, which means that they come with not only minutes but also, data for WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Telenor Call Packages Weekly

As the name suggests, these packages have a duration of 7 days after which they expire and have to be re-subscribed to. Weekly Packages have been a hit among the Telenor users as these packages are not that expensive and take the need to re-subscribe over and over again, away. Some of these packages come bundled with SMS packages and Internet MBs as well.

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Telenor Monthly Call Packages

Although a bit expensive, these packages are some of the most cost-effective packages that can be availed by the Telenor customers. Monthly Packages take the worries of the users away by letting them have enough minutes to last them a month. And, if this wasn’t enough, these packages when availed to, give the users Internet MBs as well as SMS messages, in addition to the minutes.

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Telenor Post-paid Packages

When subscribing to a package, kindly ensure that you are a prepaid user as the packages mentioned above are solely for Telenor prepaid customers and if the user is a Telenor Post-paid customer then, they can opt for the following packages:

Smart 300Rs. 300

Free 300 On-Net & Off-Net Minutes 
Free 50 SMS

30 Days
Smart 600Rs. 600

Free 700 On-Net & Off-Net Minutes 
Free 100 SMS

30 Days
Smart 1000Rs. 1000

Free 1200 On-Net & Off-Net Minutes 
Free 1000 SMS

30 Days
Smart 1500Rs. 1,500

Free 1800 On-Net & Off-Net Minute
Free 1500 SMS

30 Days
Smart 3000Rs. 3,000

Free 3600 On-Net & Off-Net Minutes
Free 3000 SMS

30 Days

Terms & Conditions

  • Telenor has the right to cancel the package without any notice.
  • Telenor maintains the right to update the price and package at any time.
  • The packages can be converted at any time, which will cost Rs. 12.5 will be charged.
  • When subscribing to another package, the pre-existing minutes are added to the new package.
  • The prices of the packages mentioned above are inclusive of all taxes that are levied by the government.
  • After every recharge, the validity of the enhances to a considerable time period.

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