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Telenor Helpline

Telenor is a telecommunications network provider that is owned by the Telenor Group which is a Norwegian group. The network commands about 28% of the market share in Pakistan and employs around 2000 people across its web of offices across Pakistan. Telenor started its operations in 2005 and initially it rolled out its services in three cities but later on it expanded into other cities of Pakistan as well. The head offices of Telenor are situated in Islamabad as well as the regional that are situated in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad among other cities. In this article you can learn about Telenor Helpline services. Telenor telecom best company in Pakistan.

Telenor Helpline Number

Telenor or Telenor 4G, is a network service provider in Pakistan which is owned by the Norwegian Telenor Group. It has a customer base of 45 million and it commands around 28% of the market share in Pakistan. There are around 2000 employees working at Telenor and in case you want to get in touch with the customer care service, then you can follow one of these steps:

  • Simply call 345 from your Telenor Sim
  • Call them at 111 345 100 from your deadline

Telenor’s customer service can be reached 24/7 and the customer services representatives are available to talk to. The users can even use email to reach Telenor, simply send an email with your queries to telenor345@telenor.com.pk.

Hope you find these methods successful and that your issues will be resolved.

Telenor’s Services & Reach

Telenor has been a major player when it comes to providing network services in Pakistan mainly because of the quality and reach of the network. Pakistan has a vast and diverse landscape that is at often times hard to reach because of lack of development of communications infrastructure in that region. The introduction of major network providers has paved the way for the companies to fill the voids left due to lack of proper telecommunications infrastructure. Telenor Pakistan is spread across 80% of Pakistani territory out of which 80% of the reach is 3G enabled while 80% is 4G enabled.

In this website you can get the complete information about Telenor Call Packages and Telenor SMS Packages.

Products Offered by Telenor

Telenor offers a wide range of telecommunications products such as Internet Devices and 3G/4G services. More recently, Telenor has launched its mobile banking platform , that is ‘EasyPaisa’ and by doing so they have added greatly to the local economy of Pakistan as well as enabling the users to send and receive money, pay bills and even pay for services such as ordering food and filling fuel at gas stations. These services were welcomed with open arms as it cut down on a lot of hassle that users otherwise would have had to go through if they went to a bank.

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