Uber’s New Safety Measures Announced

In light of the global pandemic, Uber has announced their new safety measures which will protect both the driver as well as the passenger. With this, Uber has launched a new system to ensure that the drivers are wearing their masks at all times and have a checklist which ensure that the car has been sanitized, there is sanitizer available, and that these steps are being followed closely.

In addition to this, the riders have to wear a mask and ensure that they have sanitized their hands before and after entering their Uber ride, and if needed, the riders can cancel the rides if their driver is not wearing a mask or is not following the stringent safety measures, without having to incur any penalties. In Pakistan, the government regulations in Sindh and Peshawar, is to allow 2 people in the car at a time and in Punjab and the Capital, the number of people that can ride in a car, goes up to 3.

Worldwide, Uber has announced that they are investing $50million in order to prepare their risers for the Covid-19. The costs of safety measures such as purchasing a hand sanitizer, face masks, and other such items, is totally taken care of by Uber. In addition to this, Uber has announced that in case any of their riders get infected with Covid-19, Uber will bear the cost of their 14 days of treatment and the accounts of the drivers will be put on hold.

Furthermore, Uber has partnered with Unilever to provide essentials such as hand sanitizers, face masks and other such items to the couriers and drivers across Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Uber has also launched ‘Move What Matters’ campaign to give discounted rides to healthcare workers to and from their place of work.

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