How to Unlock Ufone SIM PUK Code

UFONE is the most popular telecommunication company in Pakistan. It is providing the best services to its users. If you face the situation when your SIM is blocked, then it might be due to the wrong entry of the PUK code.

Methods to unblock the SIM

There are three methods that you can avail of to get the PUK code of your UFONE SIM. They are listed below:

Method # 1

The first method is an easy step that you can follow. The thing you must have the SIM jacket. On the SIM jacket, your UFONE SIM PUK code is available. Get the code from there and enter it. In this way, you can unblock your SIM.

Method # 2

If you do not have a SIM jacket, then the other option is to contact the helpline of the UFONE. Follow these steps:

  • Call at 333, this is the helpline number of UFONE.
  • Here, you will redirect to the customer care centre and the person will guide you after taking the information for the verification of your SIM.
  • Enter the code given by the representative and you can unblock your UFONE SIM.

Method # 3

In this method, you have to visit the franchise of UFONE. There you can discuss your issue with the UFONE customer care agent. They will ask few questions related to the verification of your SIM. When successfully verified they will assign the PUK code of your SIM and the SIM will be unblocked.

How SIM gets blocked?

This is the main question that many people ask. So, we will guide you. If you change your mobile phone, then it might ask you to enter the PUK code. The code consists of 6 to 8 digits. If you enter the code three times, then your SIM is blocked temporarily.

Can we get the PUK code of UFONE?

Yes, you can easily get the PUK code of your UFONE SIM. Several methods can help you to do so. Hence, follow the step and get your SIM to unblock.


In short, these are the few methods for unblocking the UFONE SIM. You can adopt any of the above-mentioned steps at your ease.

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