USD to PKR Rates Today – Convert USD Into Pakistani Rupees

USD to PKR Rates Today

Today USD Rate in Pakistan is Rs :::  155.9

17 October, 2019USD to PKR155.9 PKR156.4 PKR
16 October, 2019USD to PKR155.9 PKR156.4 PKR
15 October, 2019USD to PKR155.75 PKR156.35 PKR
14 October, 2019USD to PKR155.80 PKR156.4 PKR
13 October, 2019USD to PKR156.10 PKR156.7 PKR
Other Currency Rates in Pakistan



usd to pkr: US Dollar USD to Pakistani Rupees PKR – United States dollar considered now one of the strongest currency in the world many foreign Banks and investors  used USD dollar for investment and paying debts which had an impact on global economy and local exchange as well.

 Pakistani Rupee has never been in a well position to compete against top Economic Currency of the world Pakistan is still fighting to stable their financial and economic progress whichmake Pakistani Rupee to United state dollar a great difference. If we look at last week performance Dollar price in Pakistan get down from 156.50 to 156.05 and if we look 30day back Dollar price was it was 156.98.

Dollar Rate in Pakistan

 Currently in Pakistan dollar is trading in 156 RS per Dollar in open Market rates keeps changing on hourly basis value of Pakistani rupees has been decreasing since new government took charge of the country if we look back few years Dollar was trading on 98 RS since than Dollar gain Strength Rates of dollar may increases in coming days to implement IMF’s Term to stable Economic condition of Pakistan.

Economic minister of Pakistan is confident that by raising Dollar value Economy of Pakistan will stable in upcoming days also Tax collection will helps to stable rates of dollar in Pakistan.

It is true that by Raising the value of dollar did increase Interest rates and Loan on Pakistan Reserves.

If you are a trader and investor or money exchange you might want to hold your foreign currency in your hands because it is expected that dollar will reach upto 170 marks in next few months to increase tax collection. FBR also taking action against those agents who illegally running money exchange companies and brings great loss to economy by trading Dollars and other currency through illegal ways just to avoid sales tax or income tax these illegal activities needs to stop government should take some action against these agents involved in illegal money exchange business to Ensure security.


FATAF also looking forward to examine Pakistan actions against illegal foreign funding used in Bad practices like terrorism.

If you want to exchange Dollar in to PKR you should consider a Government approve agent or Bank to Exchange your Money to keep your wealth safe. You can check Dollar rates below in the table but keep in mind that Price may change within an hour depending on trade market and stock Exchange of Pakistan Rates of Dollar are totally depended upon the success of stock exchange if stock exchange of Pakistan collapse Dollar rates will rise again.

You can also check other currency rate in our website British pound (GBP) is trading on 198 RS per pound which is the highest rates past 10 years also Saudi currency has increased a bit.

Pakistan Government has been selling Bonds against dollar as well if you wish to buy prize Bond you should visit national Bank of Pakistan for currency exchange as well.



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