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Whatmobile Overview

Whatmobile: In a country like Pakistan, the price of mobile phones has been regulated by the companies but the local retailers often demand their own prices. In order to counter situations like these it is absolutely vital to have a reliable source to check the original prices of the mobile phones so that the consumer can save themselves from getting cheated when it comes to buying the mobile phone that the desire. Whatmobile

Another reason to have a reliable source to check the mobile phones is to see which mobile phones are upcoming because Pakistan often gets mobile phones after the rest of the world which means that if a mobile phone is released in America in January, it means that the same phone will be released in Pakistan in March and that too at a higher price than the American market. For instance, Samsung released its line of flagships the Samsung Galaxy S10 at $1000 in America but in Pakistan the same phone is available for almost double the price and that excludes the taxes that are imposed by the Government. Whatmobile

So, when buying phones that the consumer demands companies often do their best to facilitate their customers by providing incentives which could be anything from extended warranty to a free power bank, anything that might aid the customer in decision making when it comes to spending their money


Apple Whatmobile: Apple has one of the most loyal fan bases around the world with millions of people from across the globe to watch Apple’s keynote speech every year in which they announce their new products and their feature prices and such. In Pakistan, apple has a loyal fan base as well but Apple products are often almost double their original prices but that doesn’t stop the people from buying it regardless.


Samsung Whatmobile: Similar to Apple, Samsung too, has a loyal fan base and they keep an eye out for their new products. Samsung over the years has leaped miles ahead when it comes to innovation and has eclipsed Apple’s innovation skills. Apple has failed to catch up to Samsung when it comes to innovation and often employs the same technology that Samsung has, but two to three late. Whatmobile


Huawei Whatmobile:  Huawei has been a strong competitor in the mobile phone market for the last couple of years, with its economical yet innovative and reliable phones they have tapped a market which hadn’t been capitalized upon by the larger companies. Over the years, Huawei has been leading the race to launch 5g and has made astronomical leaps to make it happen. Whatmobile

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