Xiaomi’s 100W Quick Charging Phone To Launch At This Year’s End

Last year Xiaomi, showcased a fast charging phone that went all the way up to 100% in just a mere 17 minutes. But, that was just a concept at the time as the technology still lacked a lot, and that us where the world kind of got disheartened. But now, insiders have claimed that Xiaomi might launch the phone by the end of this year, which will be a pretty sweet holidays present.

Xiaomi faces some serious competition from the likes of Oppo, Vivo, and Lenovo as all of these manufacturers are working on their own solutions to quick charging. It is rumoured that Lenovo’s Legion Gaming phone might come with a 90W fast charging, and that Vivo is working on their own 120W fast charging.

Xiaomi might launch the fast charging technology in their Mi 10 Pro Plus or Mi Mix 4, both of which are slated to be released later this year. These phones coming with features filled to the brim and specs that would run anything imaginable, make for a delicious treat that is just around the corner for tech enthusiasts worldwide.

One of the main issues that smartphone users worldwide have is that the batteries drain out quicker than it takes to charge back them up to full. Also, manufacturers such as Apple have been accused of purposefully slowing down their phones to nudge people towards buying their newer products, in the past. So, addressing the battery concern is always going to get manufacturers a lot of good will with the public.

Its innovations such as these that drive the competitors to provide more and more features to the customers, all while keeping the prices of their products comparatively low, tactic that has worked wonders for them.

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