7 Best Brain Teaser Games for Android

Training your memory is always positive to improve in our day, which sometimes becomes overloaded because of everything we are thinking about. Different titles for your device make you focus even better, a key element that we sometimes neglect, mostly due to overload. a>

Introducing you 7 best Android games to think aboutAmong them are some that you almost always see in newspapers, like Sudoku example. It is important to mention that each of them can be used for what you want so much, also with it you will spend a good free time and improve when it comes to concentration.


It is one of the thinking games that suits us best, especially for solving where the numbers that remain in the spaces go. It’s not easy at first, but it promises to engage users who try this app, which is considered the official one available on the Google Play Store and has had a good number of downloads.

With a variety of more than 5,000, it’s almost endless, being able to play if you want alone or with others, as well as being able to share games if you record them. Each game will be different, the combination has its own solution, which will be solved as soon as you do it, showing the CPU itself at the end of her, which is interesting whether you did well or not.

It is one of the Android games to think about what might be best for you, for the mental agility that will take you out, replacing what we can play on paper. Sudoku is an app that weighs relatively little and sounds interesting because it is an app that can play more than one player per game if you want. It has a high grade.

yellow and red

Shown as two colors, the solution is to completely return the screen to one tone, if you play the first one, you should completely return to this tone. The funny thing is, you’ll see the black coming out, and you need the best techniques to make sure it doesn’t almost magically appear again.

Find the logic, although it doesn’t seem to have it, it will show in the indicated boxes, it is not an aesthetically pleasing title, nevertheless it will exercise the mind. Yellow and Red was developed by Bart Bonte for the first versions of Android, where it worked from version 2.3.

Both will be played separately, so if you intend to play Yellow You have the application in the first link, and the Red one in the second. They are applications that are worth it in any case to understand a logic that at first seems not to have, but everything shows that it does for its creator.


Similar to the Sudoku game, 2048 will consist of adding boxes on the left to complete the one on the right, which becomes essential. The important thing about this is to complete all of these and thus reach the goal, to complete the entire box in almost record time.

Go by putting numbers, you don’t always have to add the two numbers, as the box must be in a tone other than red, although this can be if the sum gives. It’s a logic game that will give you food for thought during different games, which promise to be less interesting. a>

Together with Sudoku they will make your brain work a lot throughout the games, which can last 2-5 minutes at most, as long as you walk at a pace of fast. If a number doesn’t fit into it, it will let you know it’s not the right one, in addition to skipping a message on the screen. The application has a good number of downloads.


Similar to a puzzle game, Zhed is a fast-paced app where you can match several boxes based on numbers, that if you compare Sudoku and 2048, there is a similarity. Throughout the games it will give you to complete and win a game that does not promise to be easy in practice.

With more than 95 levels, Zhed is a highly recommended tool if you need mental agility, with the added option of having several different levels if you progress throughout the games. It will tell you to add and enter the number, so you have to pay attention to the screen and especially the top part. a>

Memory and concentration

Its name indicates that you need to speed up your memory so much How to gain concentration if you need to progress through the different levels offered by this title. The app naturally becomes one that is worth its weight in gold, especially since it has over 70 different levels.

Among the different games are matching one picture to another, matching numbers with different animals, card games and a wide variety. Throughout this game you have to apply the greatest memoriesIt also has the basics in case you need to start over. Explainer videos in each of the games.

Train your brain – memory

Stimulus makes you get the best of your memory in this Android thinking game, where you have to complete the many challenges you see. Match as many things as you see by adding details to them, which will allow you to get to the bottom of each one, that’s the goal.

Different game levels mean you can have a variety of different titles in the same app, being able to play alone or in company. Train your brain – memory is one of the trending apps and has a good number of downloads behind it.

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