Causes of Weak Router Wifi Signal

The cause of a weak Wifi Router signal can be due to many things. A weak WiFi signal or no signal at all often annoys users. This is because the internet connection becomes disrupted. This can certainly hinder a number of activities that require a stable internet connection.

Some things that cause the WiFi signal to become weak or lost are generally caused by problems with the router itself, cables or other technical problems. Each of these problems or obstacles certainly requires different handling so that the problem of a weak WiFi signal can be overcome. In this article we will discuss a number of causes of weak WiFi router signals.

Causes of Weak Router Wifi Signal

Even though the WiFi router is well connected and there are no problems with the internet connection, the WiFi signal received by the user can vary. Often the signal obtained is incomplete or weak. The result is that the internet connection feels slow and sluggish.

Some of the causes of a weak WiFi router signal include:

Router Position Obstructed by Objects / Walls

The placement or position of the router greatly affects the quality of the signal received by the user. If the router is placed in an open area, it will provide better signal quality compared to a signal from a router placed in the corner of a room or behind a wall. The more obstacles or walls you pass through, the weaker the WiFi speed will be

Blind Spot

Even though the router’s position is correct, users often do not get adequate signal quality. This could be because you are in a blind spot area. A blind spot here is an area or position in a house or office that is not covered by the antenna range of the router. As a result, the signal quality obtained is also poor or there is no signal at all.

Many Users Connected

The quality of the WiFi signal received and the quality of speed obtained by the user are also determined by how many other users are connected to the WiFi router. The more users who connect and use the network, the weaker and slower the network quality obtained by each user.


The router needs to be restarted

Routers are devices that are commonly left on continuously. However, the habit of rarely restarting the router, especially for a long period of time, can affect the quality of the signal and network you get. The solution is quite easy where you only need to restart the router or schedule periodic restarts automatically in the router settings.

Bhinneka Router Installation Services

To ensure that the router can provide good and optimal signal quality for users, the installation, position and settings of the router must be done correctly. This aims to minimize blind spots and maximize router performance to provide optimal signal and network speed.

For those of you who have problems installing a router for business or office needs, there is no need to worry. Bhinneka has a service for installing access point router units. This service is carried out by experts and includes the following work:

  1. Initial analysis (topology)
  2. Installation of the Access Point Router unit
  3. SSID and password settings
  4. Setting DHCP dan IP Address
  5. MAC Filtering up to 5 user
  6. Excludes network cable pulling, electricity and civil works

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