Crypto.com Arena Seating Chart

The newly renamed Crypto.com area in la is one of the most desirable entertainment venues in the global. With a seating potential of over 18,000, it hosts more than 240 occasions each 12 months across concerts, sports activities, and circle of relatives suggests.

in case you’re planning to wait your subsequent interesting event right here, make certain you’re getting the quality seats to your budget and desires with the Crypto.com arena seating chart manual below.

Overview Of The Arena Sections

The Crypto.com Arena has five main seating sections, moving clockwise from the stage area they are:

  • Floor Seats: Closest seated section to the stage or sports court with padded folding chairs. Often most expensive tickets.
  • Premier Seats: The first few rows of permanent tiered seats behind floor seats. Offer great views.
  • Loge Seats: Middle tier of permanent arena seating with cushioned chairs. Steep angle offers clear sight lines.
  • Reserve Seats: Highest back rows of permanent chairback seating. Most affordable tickets with distant/upper views.
  • Suite Rentals: Enclosed luxury suites holding 6-30 people available to rent. Include amenities like food and drinks.

There are also standing room and wheelchair/ADA accessible seat options throughout the above sections. Prices and availability vary per event.

Detailed Crypto.com Arena Seating Views

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of specific Crypto.com Arena seating sections will help you get the experience you want.

Floor Seats

As their name suggests, floor seats are located directly surrounding the stage on ground level, without tiered or stepped seating between rows.

  • Pros: Closest to performers & sports action. Can see facial expressions & details. Padded movable chairs.
  • Cons: Often most expensive tickets. Low perspective, those in front can block views. Far left/right seats angle off stage.

Floor seating lets you immerse yourself directly in the action, whether your favorite band or courtside basketball game. Center floor seats are always highest demand.

Premier Seats

The premier seats are the first few rows of permanent seating right behind the high-priced floor section.

  • Pros: Near stage with slight elevation for better sight lines. Cushioned chairs with cupholders. Near luxury suites.
  • Cons: Second most expensive ticket after floor. Those walking in front can momentarily block views.

With a moderately raised viewing angle and proximity to the floor below, premier seats give you excellent detailed views at a slight premium. They sell fast.

Loge Seats

The mid-tier loge seats have cushioned chairs on steeply vertical tiers for complete stage views from farther back.

  • Pros: Moderately priced. Unobstructed elevated sight lines. Convenient loge lobby concessions.
  • Cons: Farther away than floor/premier. Steep angle and aisle stairs less accessible.

Loge seats are arguably the Crypto.com Arena’s “sweet spot” – offering great value views from the middle of the action, whether you want to splurge or save.

Reserve Seats

The highest rear rows of permanent Crypto.com Arena seating located farthest from the stage behind the loge section are called reserve seats.

  • Pros: Most affordable seated ticked. Back seating allows you to take in full arena scope.
  • Cons: Furthest from stage. Far perspective makes details hard to see. Under balconies can block views.

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly chairs, don’t mind the distance, or want to be more immersed in a sports crowd than performance, reserve seats are made for you.

Suite Rentals

For luxury treatment, enclosed private suite rentals seating between 6 to 30 guests are available behind premier seats.

  • Pros: All-inclusive elite experience with food/drinks, lounges, and the best views. Networking opportunities.
  • Cons: By far the most expensive way to attend events. Limited availability. Contract and deposit required.

A Crypto.com Arena suite rental creates unique executive event memories through gracious hospitality and amenities you just can’t get anywhere else in the arena.

Where To Sit For Different Events

While all the above Crypto.com Arena seating sections are available for every event type, some areas are better suited depending on whether you’re attending a concert, LA Lakers game, or family show based on each audience’s expected needs.


The best concert seats are floor sections closest to the center stage, or front row premier seats for a minimally obstructed view of your favorite artist up close. Center loge seats also allow you to stand and dance with a direct elevated view. Floor and lower bowl seats will also give you the best acoustics.


Choose center court side premier seats or front rows of the loge sections to immerse yourself in LA Lakers & Clippers action up close. Or opt for affordably priced upper reserve rows if you want take in the whole arena’s electric atmosphere. Floor seats furthest from courts are least recommended.

Family Shows

Front center loge seats give kids excellent elevated views for visually-dazzling Cirque du Soleil acrobatics, Disney on Ice skating, and the like. More budget-friendly upper reserve sections are also family friendly. For Marvel shows, many also enjoy floor seats close to the extended stage.

Crypto.com Arena Seating Charts

Visually seeing specific Crypto.com Arena seat locations through official ticketing provider seating charts can help choose perfect seats by exact section and row numbers.

Show Image

The above chart outlines the arena’s lower bowl with floor seats in orange nearest the stage, purple premier seats behind them, followed by blue loge seats in the mid-section. Higher upper views are not shown.

Show Image

The chart above details the Crypto.com Arena center audience view facing directly towards the main stage on floor suites, premier level, and up through upper reserve rows.

5 Key Seating Tips

Keep these top 5 tips in mind when buying your Crypto.com Arena seats:

1. Book early for best deals & availability

Tickets are limited and prices increase closer to popular event dates. Booking your seats early ensures you get what you want.

2. Check official seating charts when booking

Don’t choose seats blindly – the arena’s detailed charts help pick exact locations based on budget and preferences.

3. Read the fine print on tickets

Carefully review all ticket disclaimers so you know policies for transfers, cancellations, packages and more before buying.

4. Bring binoculars for upper rows

Binoculars can be a reserve ticket holder’s best friend – handy for getting up-close details from the nosebleeds.

5. Prepare for crowds before and after

With 18,000+ visitors, navigating Crypto.com Arena entrance lines and transportation requires patience before & after events. Plan ahead.


below are answers to 5 of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Crypto.com arena los angeles seating chart and finding the appropriate occasion tickets:

Q: Where are the best value seats at Crypto.com Arena?

A: The center loge sections often offer the overall best value, with cushioned chairs, direct elevated sight lines of the stage, and moderate pricing between budget reserve rows and expensive floor seating.

Q: Which Crypto.com Arena sections have chair backs?

A: Chair backs are only available on floor, premier, loge, and reserve permanent arena seating. The uppermost top rows have bench seating, while floor suite seats on ground level are folding chairs.

Q: How early should I arrive for a Crypto.com Arena event?

A: With lengthy entrance lines and security screening, arriving 60-90 minutes early ensures you get through doors in time for start times. Bigger acts and more popular events require more leeway.

Q: Are children allowed floor seats or need to be in upper sections?

A: No section prohibitions exist based on age. Whether choosing toddler appropriate upper reserve seats or splurging on floor seats for mature kids is up to individual guardian discretion.

Q: Is accessible seating available for people with disabilities?

A: Yes, dedicated wheelchair/ADA tickets are released for every event. These seats scatter throughout floor, premiere and loge arena sections in various raised and ground level spots to ensure sight line access.


We hope this complete yet easy-to-use guide to the Crypto.com Arena seating chart helps you feel informed and confident to get the perfect seats for your budget and interests. Whether seeing Harry Styles center stage, watching the LA Lakers courtside, or giving your kids an unforget

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