DLIMS – Driving License Information Management System

Driving License Information Management System

DLIMS: Prior to the introduction of this service, getting our driving licenses were a disorganized and time-consuming process, which would get even longer then originally thought because people with links and references would bribe their way to getting their driving licenses fast tracked. To overcome this this government in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board, set up DLIMS. The main purpose of DLIMS is to streamline the process of getting a driving license and it eliminates all the corrupt backdoor that would favor the well-connected individuals and has leveled the field for everyone.

Original Website:  DLIMS Punjab

The Initiative

The DLIMS initiative works by putting all of the information on their website, which makes it easier for the people to get all the information required  to get their licences made. There may be different processes that the DLIMS has set up to ensure that your licences done. Moreover, it has streamlined the processes everything license related whether you want to renew your license, get a new one made or simply have to update information on your license. Moreover, DLIMS issues international licenses which ensure that you can drive anywhere on the planet without facing any issues from the local law enforcement.

Categories of Licences

There are several types of licenses that can be issued to an individual in Pakistan, depending on the vehicle that the applicant intends to drive on the roads. There are several types of vehicles that we see out on the roads such as large 24 wheeler trucks, large buses and vehicles as compact as motorcycles. The government has categorized the types of licenses such as HTV, LTV, Car/Jeep and Motorcycle. These are the main categories of the licenses but these categorized can be combined and the applicants can choose the combination of types that they need.

Pre-DLIMS era

If we talk about the pre-DLIMS era, then we remember about the long queues of people that would start to form at as early as 5 or 6 in the morning and then the licensing process would start a couple of hours later and then would last an entire day and that is of you were lucky otherwise applicants would have waste an entire day and still not be able to get their licenses made and these applicants would then return the next day again and go through the entire process again. By introducing DLIMS, these woes of the applicants have been addressed and the streamlined process of having a license issued encourages others to have their licenses made and drive legally on the road.

Benefits of DLIMS

If we are to talk about the benefits of DLIMS then there are many, such as:

  • A centralized system of licenses, which keeps track of all licenses
  • A centralized system of challans
  • A centralized database of all the records of the licenses
  • A streamlined process to help you with your license woes
  • A centralized system of helping you with your learning licenses and have them made from anywhere.
  • Delivery of licenses to the applicants address through courier services.
  • Reduction in vehicle related crimes
  • The central database, assists other law enforcement agencies
  • Increase in revenue by guaranteeing accountability and transparency.

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