Xiaomi launches Electric Scooter Air T15 With Futuristic Design

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that has been producing electronics since 2010. The first ever smartphone that was released by Xiaomi was on 2011 and it was instant hit in China. By 2014, Huawei had already become one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the nation. Xiaomi launches Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15.

Xiaomi Announces New Electric Scooter

Xiaomi has announced that they will be launching a new Air T15 Electronic Scooter, which will be a successor to the last model that was launched in 2018. It comes with a range of new upgrades and features such as puncture-proof tyres, carrying capacity of up to 100kgs, a top speed of 20 km/h, and circuit protection, which protects it from overcharging and other such issues related to electrical wiring malfunction or battery malfunction.

The scooter comes equipped with 7.5” front tyre and a 6” rear tyre and due to its design, the scooter can be easily picked up and packed, as it only weighs 10kgs. The Air T15 electric scooter is available for pre-order at $422.


In the 10 years of its existence, Xiaomi has become the fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world trailing behind Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. The company’s headquarters are situated in Beijing and employs nearly 17,000 employees worldwide. In addition to mobile phones, Xiaomi has launched several electronics such as smart scooters, smart homes and other such consumer electronics.

Xiaomi is not a company that shies away from creating devices that seem out of the ordinary and with that, they are able to quickly grow their customer base. The company appeals to the younger generations because of its readiness to try out new and exciting stuff and this is where it gains its originality from.

Xiaomi Products

The company has a diverse product line-up and in 2019, Xiaomi began selling caps, sunglasses, mugs, water bottles , towels and other such stuff. In addition to this, Xiaomi has several smartphone series such as Mi Mix Series, RedMi, Pocophone, and Blackshark to name a few.


The young tech company has quickly risen to the top of the smartphone manufacturer game, taking fights to the bigger smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei. Seeing the meteoric rise of the company, it got featured in the Forbes 500 list, making it the youngest company to do so.

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