How To Share Balance For Each Network, Ufone, Jazz, Telenor and Zong

How To Share Balance For Each Network, Ufone, Jazz, Telenor and Zong

jazz balance share: Pakistan has a number of telecommunications provider that provides network services to users in Pakistan. The number of users has grown drastically over the course of the last 12 years in Pakistan mainly because the population has risen quite dramatically and as majority of the population in Pakistan is still very young, thus, the network providers in Pakistan constantly need to provide the best services so that they are able to capture as much market share as possible and in the process beat their competitors to the market with the launch of a new product. Lets talk about how we can share balance for each network that is available in Pakistan.

How to zong balance share?

Zong Balance Share: Zong is a major player in the Pakistani telecommunications market as it has one of the largest customer bases out off all the other network providers in Pakistan. Moreover, Zong provides 4G network too all its users and the network is stable across Pakistan. As we know, Pakistan has a wide range of different terrain which makes it hard to reach some of the more remote areas but Zong’s infrastructure is among the best in the nation. To transfer balance from Zong to another Zong SIM, simply Dial *828#, Enter the recipient’s phone number, enter amount and then reply with 1to confirm the transfer.

How to share balance for Warid?

Warid is owned by Abu Dhabi Group and has been operating in Pakistan since the mid 2000s. In the process it has become one of the most reliable network in Pakistan. The network provider, has been providing 4G network to its users since 2015. Warid’s headquarters are situated in Karachi, while it maintains a strong regional presence in Lahore and Islamabad among others. To transfer balance from one Warid SIM to another simply type B-Number-Amount and send it to 2424. Balance can be transferred from Prepaid to prepaid, prepaid to post-paid and vice versa.

How to telenor balance share?

Telenor Balance Share: If you are a Telenor user and you want to transfer balance from one Telenor SIM to another then simply dial *1*1*932xxxxxxxxx* and then press 1 to confirm. The minimum limit is 15 and maximum is 200 and the users can only send balance three times in a day.

How to share jazz balance?

Jazz Balance Share: Jazz provides its users to share balance as well. We have all been in a pickle where we needed to send or receive balance and if you are in that spot then simply dial *100*9230xxxxxxxx*Amount#. After this you simply need to send 1 to confirm the transfer. The minimum amount that can be transferred is 15 and the maximum is 200.

How to ufone balance share?

Ufone Balance Share: For all the Ufone users, you too, can avail the service to share balance between you and in order to do that you simply need to *828*Number*Amount#. After this you will be asked to press 1 to confirm the transfer. The minimum limit is 10 and the maximum limit is 200

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