Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 is an award-winning productivity suite from Microsoft Corporation. When it was first introduced in early 2007, it coincided with the retail introduction of the Windows Vista operating system and generated a lot of interest from users of the system worldwide who needed a unified method to create, manage, and collaborate with their productivity programs. With updated versions of applications word, Excel, et PowerPoint the most popular in the world, Microsoft Office 2007 succeeded in maintaining its position as the most used document management suite at home and at work.

Using the latest in document processing technology, this version of Office introduced a brand new graphical style called Fluent User Interface, which was intended to move the tool’s display away from simple menu bars and towards ‘ribbons’. more aesthetic.

The 2007 Office suite was available in eight different configurations at the end of its life, ranging from the basic entry-level (which contained Word, Excel, view and a viewer-only version of PowerPoint) at full Enterprise and Ultimate levels.

Many organizations around the world have chosen not to upgrade their everyday Office functions to newer versions, despite the big leap in performance and usability that this productivity suite has been able to offer its customers. , according to various polls.

improve visual design

After the success of Office 2003, the designers of Microsoft Corp. sought to dramatically improve the visual appearance of all Office programs. The end result included not only the adoption of the standard Office button (used for most file management and printing tools), contextual tabs (which appeared only when office applications detected the selection of certain elements of the document), a live preview of of selected style formatting, a new mini toolbar and quick access to many other features.

OpenOffice document support

Adoption of new file formats (Office Open XML), PDF, XPS and OpenOffice document file format support in upgraded versions of basic and extended Office 2007 programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, Communicator, Groove, OneNote, Project and SharePoint Designer) (ODF).

MS Word Updates

Microsoft Word, the most widely used Office product, has undergone significant updates to Office. Its default font was changed from “Times New Roman” in “Calibri” and added a number of additional features that gave users more control over their cards. Simplified style sheet management, built-in status bar word counter, new pop-up spell checker, translation tooltips (only for some languages), automated citation generation, redesigned math equation, better document comparison tool, new document viewing options and many more are among the improvements.

larger document formats

Microsoft Excel also received a major boost, with support for larger documents (1 row and 048 columns in a single spreadsheet, with 576 characters in a single cell). In the program.

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