Need a Projector Screen? Get to Know the Types

A projector screen is one of the office equipment that is often found, especially at formal activities. This tool functions to display images from the projector. In general, this tool is often used for presentations at official activities such as meetings in the office and teaching and learning activities at schools and campuses. However, this tool is also often used for informal activities such as watching together. Its varied use has resulted in various types of projector screens appearing.

Using a very large monitor or TV for presentation activities will certainly require very large funds. For offices or educational institutions that have lots of presentation space, this tool is an alternative solution to minimize expenses.

Types of Projector Screens

1. Manual Pull Down Projector Screen

This screen is the cheapest type of screen because its design is very simple. As the name suggests, this screen must be opened and closed manually and is usually mounted on the wall. Even so, it is not difficult to use and this tool is also equipped with a self-controller which is able to prevent the screen from rolling automatically.

2. Tripod Projector Screen

This type is a projector screen mounted on a tripod. This type is quite practical because it is easy to move. In terms of size, usually this type of screen is smaller than the manual pull down type.

3. Motorized Projector Screen Type

In terms of shape and size, this projector is similar to the manual pull down type. The advantage is that this projector is equipped with a drive motor so it can be opened and closed using a remote control. Therefore, even though they are both placed on the wall, users can more freely place them higher so they are out of reach.

4. Portable Projector Screen

This type is a projector screen that is specifically designed to be easy to carry when traveling. This screen is suitable for those of you who have high mobility and often make presentations in various places.

5. Table Projector Screen

In terms of size, this type is the projector screen with the smallest size among all types of projector screens. As the name suggests, this projector allows it to be placed on a table.

6. Fastfold Projector Screen

This screen is a type of large projector screen that can be dismantled easily. This screen is equipped with a frame to place it.

7. Fixed Frame Screen Type

This type is a projector screen that is designed to be installed permanently on the wall. Usually it is equipped with a frame that covers all four sides of the screen so it cannot be rolled up.

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