Next Crypto to Hit $1 – Top Contenders Primed for a Price Surge

The cryptocurrency world is filled with digital assets at every price point. While leading coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum dominate headlines, investors also wonder which more affordable cryptos priced under $1 now show realistic potential to cross the $1 valuation milestone in future bull runs.

Evaluating Sub-$1 Cryptos Approaching the $1 Mark

Several factors determine which low-priced cryptocurrencies demonstrate fundamental capacity to reach a $1 price target during favorable market cycles, including:

Developer Activity & Updates – Consistent code improvements making the protocol more robust and useful tend to lift valuations over time.

Partnership Growth – Business collaborations expanding real-world usage can provide upward price momentum for lesser known cryptos.

Community Expansion – Cryptos gathering strong grassroots followings through promotions and word-of-mouth often see rising adoption fueling higher costs.

Supply Scarcity – Cryptos nearer their maximum supply with lower outstanding token volume left in circulation can see swifter price jumps.

Let’s explore top contenders under $1, but presenting realistic shots at crossing the symbolic $1 threshold in the months and years ahead thanks to impressive fundamentals and community momentum.

Cardano (ADA)

As a top 10 crypto with over $10 billion market capitalization currently sitting near $0.40, Cardano already has scale and name recognition compared to obscure microcaps. Its sizable following, constant project improvements, and role as a chief Ethereum competitor make ADA hitting $1 again highly plausible during bull cycles. Retracing its all-time high above $3 also puts $1 well within reasonable reach.

Loopring (LRC)

Recently partnering with GameStop for a new NFT marketplace, Loopring’s layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum has also allied with other major brands. With growing utility unlocking Ethereum’s throughput limits, LRC already touched $3.80 and $1 looks like a bargain target. Trading for around $0.36 presently, fresh project integration upside makes $1 seem low for LRC.

Decentraland (MANA)

As a flagship metaverse crypto powering a fully functioning virtual world, MANA saw exponential 2021 hype taking it to nearly $6 briefly. With more mainstream brands now plotting metaverse entry and MANA delivering an actual working product with real demand, the current $0.77 price could easily double again even in a more cautious market.

Harmony (ONE)

Competing with heavyweights like Cardano and Polkadot in offering high-throughput blockchain infrastructure, Harmony is just $0.02 shy of hitting the $1 mark already. With fast settlement finality, considerable developer activity, and bridges across other chains activating ONE for cross-ecosystem usage, Harmony looks positioned to sustain $1 terrain.

Chiliz (CHZ)

Few cryptos boast a narrower utility niche than Chiliz, serving as the exclusive blockchain provider for the global sports industry. Partnerships with top soccer/football clubs, Formula 1 teams, the UFC and more make CHZ an essential token for fan engagement and merchandising. Trading at $0.11 during the offseason, expect fresh sports deals to keep propelling CHZ towards $1.

5 Factors Influencing $1 Potential

As we analyze candidates for the next crypto hitting the symbolic $1 valuation threshold, several key factors determine realistic probability:

1. Market Cap Size

While higher market caps demonstrate widespread adoption, lower market caps have much more room for exponential growth that could many-fold a token price quickly during frenzied buying.

2. Peak Historical Value

Reaching far higher past peak prices like $3+, it becomes reasonable to model even 25-50% of that former all-time-high value based on precedent, putting $1 within reason.

3. Developer Execution

Consistent project upgrades, meaningful partnerships and integration value establish tangible utility and rising user demand that helps push prices higher through growth phases.

4. Community Support

An engaged social following that continues growing daily and champions the crypto’s purpose fuels organic interest and buying power for sustaining higher prices.

5. Mainstream Momentum

Sudden widespread media coverage, surging Google searches and brand name partnerships can ignite the next crypto star for broader public adoption right to $1 landmarks quicker.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Likely Hitting $1

Based on the influencing evaluation factors above, here are 5 promising crypto picks likely reaching $1 in their next growth cycle:

1. Cardano (ADA) – With an entrenched spot in the market cap top 10, relentless development delivering scalability and robust staking rewards to supporters, ADA clearly has existing scale and community to revisit $1 again.

2. Decentraland (MANA) – As one of the most visible pioneers expanding crypto and Web3 into the metaverse ecosystem, MANA’s fully built virtual world gives it applicable niche demand on top of an previous $5+ price history.

3. Algorand (ALGO) – Already surpassing $1 last cycle as a technology leader offering lightning fast transaction finality, ALGO has struck high-profile partnerships with FIFA and financial firms to keep vaulting its usable value.

4. Loopring (LRC) – GameStop nft marketplace plans demonstrate LRC has true utility value unlocking greater Ethereum usage, while the team actively develops layer-2 infrastructure supporting affordability.

5. Harmony (ONE) – With bridges enabling cross-chain asset movements across chains like BTC and Ethereum while offering 2-second confirmations, Harmony’s powerful tech sits right at $1’s doorstep already.

Evaluating Long Term Cryptocurrencies That Could Hit $1

Beyond market cap size, community support and how close coins sit to $1 today, it’s also key evaluating each crypto’s long-term staying power for sustained growth beyond short term price spikes.


Polygon: As an established Ethereum scaling project already adopted by major DeFi platforms to enable faster and lower cost transactions on Web3’s dominant blockchain, Polygon sports real utility that’s poised to stick around.

Theta Network: With a novel mesh networking architecture designed to incentivize users to share excess bandwidth for improved video delivery, Theta’s model offers disruptive edge content delivery uses at scale.

Stellar: A reliable fixture within the market cap top 50 for years thanks to fast settlement speeds and tiny transaction fees that help stabilize Stellar for steady mainstream use cases.

Tezos: With self-governance allowing Tezos supporters to vote on proposed protocol upgrades over time, it remains more dynamically responsive to user needs than most older generation blockchains.

Ravencoin: By optimizing blockchain features for handling asset creation and transfers tied to ownership rights, Ravencoin establishes a targeted design that carves out indispensable segmentation.

Judging cryptos based on demonstrated staying power and niche applicability beyond chasing short term price spikes paints a telling picture of longer horizon contenders likely positioned to reach $1 based on genuine sustainable demand.

Top 5 Crypto $1 Price Forecast Predictions

Based on overall fundamentals and growth trajectories, here are the top 5 cryptos and their projected 2025 price forecasts:

  • Cardano: $2.15
  • Loopring: $6.80
  • Decentraland: $4.50
  • Harmony: $1.95
  • Chiliz: $3.25

Conservative $1 estimates even for today’s more speculative plays means models Eye substantial room for upside as adoption expands in the years ahead.

Next Crypto Hitting $1 – FAQs

Let’s review answers to 5 of the most frequently asked questions about the next cryptocurrencies likely to cross the $1 valuation threshold:

Q: What is the next crypto under $1 expected to reach $1?

A: Based on a combination of historical peaks, existing fundamentals, development activity and community support, Cardano (ADA) appears the most probable next crypto to retest the $1 level, followed by Decentraland (MANA) which already came close.

Q: Which low market cap crypto has a chance of hitting $1?

A: While higher risk than market cap leaders, upstart crypto disruptors like Harmony with breakthrough technology fixing blockchain speed and cost issues stand out as lower market cap darkhorses exhibiting credible $1 or greater potential.

Q: What undervalued cryptocurrency should I invest in 2023?

A: Loopring (LRC) stands out as an undervalued 2023 buy at under $0.40 given its pivotal partnership role in GameStop’s high-profile new NFT marketplace set to unlock greater usage of LRC and Ethereum in the Web3 gaming sector.

Q: How long will it take for Cardano to reach $1?

A: Given Cardano’s existing market penetration already as a top 10 cryptocurrency, strong on-chain activity trends, and price history of previously

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