Huawei and GIK University Join Hands for Four years AI Program

GIK (Ghulam Ishaq Khan University) and the company Huawei recently attended the signing ceremony and In which Huawei participated in a program to stabilize the development of a four years BS degree in artificial intelligence. This is the kind of first partnership And it’s a milestone in an already successful four-year partnership. It started in … Read more

Uber’s New Safety Measures Announced

In light of the global pandemic, Uber has announced their new safety measures which will protect both the driver as well as the passenger. With this, Uber has launched a new system to ensure that the drivers are wearing their masks at all times and have a checklist which ensure that the car has been … Read more

Saudi Arabia stake in Lucid Motors Updates

Saudi Arabia owns a majority stake in Tesla rival Lucid Motors are anti-Tesla people also global warming deniers. seems like you would have to care more about profits than earth to short the company spurring the electric car revolution. People that short Tesla are helping companies maintain their status and assure Saudi Arabia more money … Read more