Play Ludo and Earn real cash in Nigeria

Ludo could be a well known board diversion in Nigeria that’s frequently played for fun with family and companions. But presently there are modern openings to play Ludo online and really win genuine cash whereas getting a charge out of this classic amusement.

A few apps and gaming stages have launched in Nigeria that permit players to bet and win cash prizes. On the off chance that you cherish playing Ludo, you’ll be able presently monetize your abilities and begin making cash by playing Ludo recreations online.

How to Gain Cash Playing Ludo Online

Here are a few of the beat ways to win genuine cash playing Ludo diversions in Nigeria:

  1. Enter Competitions and Challenges

Numerous Ludo game apps have normal competitions and challenges with cash prizes. You’ll be able enter these challenges by paying a little passage charge and after that play diversions against other players. In the event that you conclusion up positioning tall on the leaderboard at the end, you win a share of the prize cash.

Competitions can have beat prizes worth up to ₦100,000 or more. The section charge is as a rule little, around ₦100-₦500. Playing and exceeding expectations in these challenges can help you earn great cash over time.

  1. Wagered on Recreations

A few Ludo gaming stages permit you to put wagers on recreations. You’ll bet cash on yourself to win a diversion or indeed wagered on other players. In case your wagered forecast closes up being right, you win the payout.

When betting on Ludo diversions, the rewards can extend from twofold to fourfold your bet sum. This presents an opportunity to develop your bankroll as you play more recreations.

  1. Get Paid to Allude Companions

Numerous Ludo apps energize you to invite and refer your companions so you’ll be able play diversions together. They offer rewards for every friend you invite that signs up and plays on the app.

You’ll be able effectively build up referral rewards of ₦1000 or more this way. A few apps moreover allow you a rate of the cash your referred friends win or spend on the app.

  1. Gotten to be a Master Player

In the event that you get exceptionally great at Ludo and keep winning major competitions, you have got the opportunity to become a proficient player. The best players on major Ludo gaming destinations can make lakhs per month.

Brands may indeed support aces by paying them for advancements. You can turn your Ludo aptitudes into a relentless pay stream.

Beat Apps to Win Cash Playing Ludo in Nigeria

Here are a few of the beat Ludo game apps and websites where you’ll win genuine cash prizes in Nigeria:

  1. Ludo Lord

One of the foremost well known Ludo versatile apps, with standard competitions. You’ll be able enter challenges with ₦100-₦500 buy-ins and win huge money.

  1. Ludo Star

A leading app for playing Ludo online with companions. You’ll wagered on games conjointly win cash from their challenges.

  1. Ludo Neo

Win coins for playing, at that point recover them for PayPal cash or cryptocurrency. You’ll be able too enter their contests with cash prizes.

  1. Tiera Diversions

This gaming location lets you play Ludo against others for cash. You’ll bet coins and after that redeem profit for blessing cards.

  1. NairaBox

Play Ludo and other expertise recreations on this Nigerian gaming stage. You’ll be able win cash pay outs on NairaBox.

Tips to Win Ludo Diversions and Win More Cash

In the event that you need to maximize your rewards, here are some pro tips:

Ace Ludo methodology – Learn opening moves, mid-game strategies, and endgame methods to win more. Think about master guides and recordings.

Manage your bankroll – Set a betting budget for competitions and wagers. Don’t lose more than you can afford.

Increment your venture – As your skills improve, you’ll pay higher entry fees for bigger prize contests.

Play more recreations – Gain experience conjointly increase your chances of winning payouts.

Keep up a tall win rate – Point for at slightest a 60% win rate. This appears you’re prepared for paid challenges.

Review your recreations – Analyze your misfortunes to make strides. Observe replays to recognize shortcomings.

Is It Legitimate to Play Ludo for Money in Nigeria?

Online gambling laws in Nigeria are still being created. As of now, there are no clear laws disallowing skill-based wagering and games like Ludo. Nigerians can play Ludo for cash online legitimately because it requires skill and methodology, not fair luckiness.

Be that as it may, to be secure as it were play on legitimate stages operated by seaward locales. Don’t utilize unlicensed betting apps as these can be untrustworthy. Stick to the regulated, known Ludo gaming locales for genuine cash play.

As often as possible Inquired Questions

  1. How much cash can I make playing Ludo online?

How much you gain depends on your ability level, amount of time played, and investment into entry expenses and wagers. On normal, gifted players can make ₦5,000 to ₦20,000 per month. Beat aces can win over ₦100,000 monthly.

  1. Is it simple to pull back cash won from Ludo apps?

Most Ludo gaming sites permit simple withdrawals to your Nigerian bank account or via secure digital installments like PayPal. Payouts are more often than not prepared inside 24 hours. Trustworthy stages won’t have withdrawal issues.

  1. Do I have to pay tax on Ludo earnings?

In Nigeria, rewards from skill-based recreations like Ludo are for the most part not subject to assess. But check for any overhauls to the tax code with respect to announcing betting income.

  1. Can I play Ludo for cash as a tenderfoot?

Yes, you’ll start playing Ludo for cash rewards indeed as a apprentice. Center on moo stakes competitions implied for newer players. Bet smaller amounts as you pick up experience.

  1. What is the finest technique for winning cash at Ludo?

Key Ludo procedures to win more incorporate making forceful opening moves, utilizing secure houses, dodging getting pieces locked, and shrewd conclusion moves. Analyze professional tips and think about winning gameplay to improve your aptitudes.

Live Your Passion for Ludo and Earn

For Ludo partners in Nigeria, it’s now conceivable to gain sound sums of money by playing your favorite board diversion online. Enlist on trusted Ludo gaming apps, hone your gameplay skills, and start entering challenges and setting wagers to construct up your rewards. The more you play, the way better you’ll get at optimizing your moves and strategy to boost your chances of winning cash rewards. Soon you may earn a profitable side wage just by indulging in your energy for Ludo.


Ludo has gotten to be more than fair a casual diversion in Nigeria, as beat stages presently permit players to wager and win genuine cash rewards. By entering competitions, betting on diversions, playing professionally, and alluding companions, you’ll monetize your Ludo aptitudes. Key methodologies like acing gameplay strategies, managing your bankroll shrewdly, and contributing in higher stakes contests can help maximize your benefits. Playing online at controlled Nigerian gaming destinations means you can appreciate Ludo and earn at the same time in a legitimate way. Turn your adore for this classic board diversion into a cash making opportunity.


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