Ufone Packages Internet 2023 – Monthly, Weekly, Yearly

Ufone is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan offering cellular and internet services. With a wide range of packages and bundles, Ufone caters to the needs of all types of users including individuals, families and businesses. When it comes to internet packages, Ufone offers a variety of options on monthly, weekly and yearly basis. This comprehensive guide provides complete details about all the Ufone internet packages available in 2023.

In today’s digital era, having access to fast and reliable internet has become a necessity for people across all demographics. An always-on broadband connection at home, unlimited data allowance on your smartphone, or WiFi accessibility on-the-go has transformed the way we communicate, work, learn and enjoy leisure. For students and professionals, the internet has emerged as an indispensable tool for research, collaboration, productivity and opportunity creation. Even homemakers, children and senior citizens are adapting to new technology and the convenience it brings to daily life.

With Pakistan marching steadily towards digitization, the demand for high-quality internet is witnessing an exponential growth. Telecom providers in the country are responding to this trend by expanding their broadband infrastructure and introducing innovative data offerings. One such telco at the forefront of providing excellent internet services, especially for the youth and consumer segments, is Ufone. Part of the PTCL Group and Etisalat International Pakistan, Ufone has cemented its place among the leading cellular networks in Pakistan within two decades of inception. Currently counting around 24 million subscribers, the company offers 2G, 3G and 4G mobile as well as fixed broadband connectivity through fiber and WiMax across the length and breadth of Pakistan.

For high-volume users and digital natives, especially those looking for unlimited and uninterrupted connectivity, Ufone offers a plethora of prepaid and postpaid internet packages. Ranging from daily, weekly or monthly plans to longer-term 6 months to 1 year subscriptions, these bundles cater to diverse data requirements and budgets. Users can choose between entry-level plans with usage limits to unlimited data offerings for unconstrained streaming, surfing, chatting, gaming and more. Add-on benefits allow further customization in the form of free voice minutes, SMS quotas or zero-rated access to favorite apps.

This comprehensive guide will examine all the latest monthly, weekly, daily and annual Ufone internet packages available for prepaid and postpaid customers in 2023. We will consider key aspects like pricing, data caps, speed tiers, validity durations and value-added features that distinguish various plans. Whether you are an individual mobile user, a family looking to set up home WiFi or a business planning long-term data connectivity, you can evaluate all relevant Ufone options and decide the optimal one matching your needs and wallet. Read on for a complete breakdown of:

Overview of Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone offers prepaid and postpaid internet packages to suit different requirements. The prepaid bundles are ideal for price-conscious users who want to control their spending and enjoy flexibility. Postpaid packages are better for users who need larger data buckets and don’t want to recharge frequently. Some of the key things to consider are:

  • Data volume: Packages range from a few GBs to unlimited data. Heavy users should opt for higher volumes.
  • Validity: Prepaid bundles can be valid for a day, 3 days, a week or a month. Postpaid have monthly validity.
  • Speed: Entry-level plans offer slower 3G speeds while premium plans provide high-speed 4G connectivity.
  • Device type: Special packages are available for phones, laptops/PCs and tablets.
  • Price: Options range from just Rs. 5 to Rs. 5,000+ per month. Choose as per your budget.
  • Add-ons: Extra services like free off-net minutes, SMS or social media access.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone offers both prepaid and postpaid monthly packages. These plans have validity of 30 days or a calendar month and are ideal for regular internet users. Following are the popular monthly internet bundles by Ufone:

Ufone Monthly Super Internet Packages

These premium postpaid packages offer high-speed internet with generous amounts of data:

  • Super Internet Package 1: Get 150 GB data for Rs. 3,000 per month. Speed reduced to 1 Mbps after 150 GB.
  • Super Internet Package 2: Enjoy 300 GB data at Rs. 5,000 per month. Speed throttled to 1 Mbps beyond 300 GB.
  • Super OTT Internet Package: Subscribe for Rs. 800 and get 75 GB data plus free access to select OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages for Phones

Affordable prepaid monthly bundles for phone users:

  • Monthly WhatsApp Bundle: Get 30-day validity with unlimited WhatsApp for just Rs. 35.
  • Monthly Light Internet Package: 6 GB data for the whole month in just Rs. 210.
  • Monthly Max Internet Package: Heavier 32 GB bucket valid for 30 days at Rs. 550.
  • Monthly Mega Internet Package: Truly unlimited data without any FUP for Rs. 1,200 per month.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages for Laptops/PCs

Postpaid data plans meant for laptops and WiFi devices:

  • Monthly 2 Mbps Package: Get unlimited data at 2 Mbps speed for Rs. 1,199 per month.
  • Monthly 4 Mbps Package: Unlimited data allocation at higher 4 Mbps speed at Rs. 1,499 monthly.
  • Monthly 6 Mbps Package: Experience unlimited downloads up to 6 Mbps for Rs. 1,999 per month.
  • Monthly 10 Mbps Package: Blazing fast unlimited 10 Mbps internet for Rs. 2,999 monthly charges.

Ufone Monthly Tablet Packages

Affordable postpaid plans for tablet devices:

  • Monthly 1 GB Package: 1 GB data for 30 days at just Rs. 125 per month.
  • Monthly 2 GB Package: 2 GB monthly data for Rs. 175 only.
  • Monthly 5 GB Package: Get 5 GB data every month for Rs. 300.
  • Monthly 10 GB Package: 10 GB data monthly for just Rs. 500.
  • Unlimited Monthly Package: Enjoy unlimited data at Rs. 800/month. Speed throttled after 20 GB usage.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Ufone offers prepaid weekly bundles with 7 days validity ideal for short term internet needs. Here are the top weekly data plans from Ufone:

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages for Phones

  • Weekly Light Package: Get 1.5 GB data for the full week in just Rs. 75.
  • Weekly Max Package: Heftier 4 GB weekly data for Rs. 125.
  • Unlimited Weekly Package: Truly unlimited data for a week at Rs. 350.

Ufone Weekly Tablet/PC/Laptop Plans

  • Weekly 1 GB Package: 1 GB data with 7 days validity for Rs. 50.
  • Weekly 3 GB Package: 3 GB data weekly for just Rs. 100.
  • Weekly 5 GB Package: Get 5 GB data per week at Rs. 150.
  • Unlimited Weekly Package: Unlimited data weekly for Rs. 500.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Ufone offers prepaid plans valid for 24 hours. These provide low cost internet access for a day.

  • Daily Starter Bundle: 100 MB data for 24 hours in Rs. 5.
  • Daily Light Bundle: Get 500 MB data & 100 SMS for a day in Rs. 15.
  • Daily Bundle 1: 1 GB data with 24 hours validity for Rs. 25 only.
  • Daily Bundle 2: 1.5 GB data & 100 SMS for 24 hours in Rs. 40.
  • Daily Super Bundle: Unlimited downloads & 100 SMS for 24 hours at Rs. 100.

Ufone 3-Day Internet Packages

These prepaid bundles from Ufone come with 3 days validity:

  • 3-Day Light Bundle: 750 MB data for 3 days in Rs. 25.
  • 3-Day Bundle: Get 3 GB data valid for 3 consecutive days for just Rs. 75.
  • 3-Day Max Bundle: Enjoy unlimited downloads & 100 SMS for 3 days at Rs. 125.

Ufone Yearly Internet Packages

For long term internet needs, Ufone offers these postpaid yearly packages:

Ufone Yearly Tablet Plans

  • Yearly 3 GB Package: Get 3 GB monthly data for an entire year for Rs. 1,500.
  • Yearly 5 GB Package: 5 GB monthly data for a year at Rs. 2,500.
  • Yearly 10 GB Package: 10 GB monthly data for 365 days at Rs. 4,500 per annum.

Ufone Yearly Laptop/PC Bundles

  • Yearly 10 Mbps Package: Avail unlimited 10 Mbps speed internet year-long for Rs. 25,000.
  • Yearly 20 Mbps Package: Enjoy unlimited downloads at fast 20 Mbps for Rs. 40,000 annually.

How to Subscribe to Ufone Internet Packages

Here is a step-by-step process to subscribe to Ufone internet packages:

Prepaid Packages

  • Dial *444# from your Ufone number.
  • Select ‘Internet Offers’ from the menu.
  • Choose your preferred data bundle.
  • Follow prompts to confirm subscription. Your balance will be deducted.

Postpaid Packages

  • Dial 555 from your Ufone number.
  • Select your language preference.
  • Choose the ‘New Connection’ option.
  • Select ‘Postpaid’ when prompted.
  • Pick your desired monthly/yearly data package.
  • Provide confirmation to activate subscription.

You can also subscribe to various packages through the official Ufone website or mobile app. Prepaid users can directly recharge with data STVs (special tariff vouchers) via retail stores across Pakistan.

How to Check Ufone Internet Package Balance

To check remaining internet balance on Ufone prepaid and postpaid connections:

  • Dial *555# and press 1 for balance info.
  • Login to Ufone website and check under ‘My Account’.
  • Use Ufone Upaisa mobile app to view current internet balance.
  • Call Ufone helpline at 333 from your registered number.
  • Visit nearest Ufone Customer Services Centre.
  • Check balance notifications sent via SMS by Ufone during internet usage.

How to Renew or Unsubscribe Ufone Internet Packages

  • To renew – Recharge your prepaid account or pay your postpaid bill before package expiration to continue enjoying internet services.
  • To unsubscribe – Dial 555 from your Ufone number and follow the prompts to remove any activated bundle or package.

Alternatively, visit the Ufone website or mobile app and change your package settings. Inform customer support to stop auto-renewals of postpaid subscriptions.


Ufone caters to all kinds of internet users with its diverse prepaid and postpaid bundles. There are affordable options for light users along with high-data plans for power users. You can choose data volume, validity, speed, and device type as per your usage needs and budget. Follow the activation process described above to start enjoying seamless internet connectivity with Ufone. Recharge or renew on time and manage your usage within allowed data limits to avoid service suspensions.

In today’s digital-first world, remaining associated 24/7 is now not a extravagance but a need for efficiency, excitement and every day communication. As Pakistan advances towards a information economy, get to to reasonable high-speed web has gotten to be more significant than ever some time recently. Understanding this require, telecom suppliers like Ufone offer a wide extend of information bundles to suit distinctive necessities and budgets.

Ufone’s paid ahead of time plans with short-term legitimacy give cost-effective web get to for brief utilization needs. The postpaid month to month and yearly bundles are perfect for continuous network for heavy individual clients or a whole family. A few plans center on budget-conscious clients who need fundamental web for informing and social media. Other premium offerings cater to control clients who look for boundless high-speed information for HD video gushing, online gaming and huge record downloads. Businesses can moreover decide on enterprise-grade rented line or fiber web arrangements from Ufone for mission-critical operations.

By perusing through this direct, you ought to presently have total clarity on the different parameters like estimating, speeds, FUP limits, legitimacy periods, actuation and unsubscription strategies when choosing your favored Ufone data bundle. The accessibility of add-ons like free voice minutes or SMS implies you’ll customize your arrange as per correct needs. Ufone moreover provides hassle-free forms to check your web utilization adjust, recharge memberships on time or switch between plans in the event that required.

As Ufone grows its 4G scope and fiber-optic arrange over Pakistan, indeed more effective web bundles are anticipated within the future. With developing speculations in arrange foundation and client encounter, Ufone is adapting up to provide the tall speeds and network required for tomorrow’s advancements such as manufactured insights, cloud computing, IoT gadgets and new-age portable apps. By giving helpful resources like this direct, our point is to keep you updated on the most excellent information bundle from Ufone as per your advancing prerequisites. 

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