Zong Internet Packages | Daily, Weekly and Monthly Packages 2020

Zong Internet Packages Overview

Zong Internet Packages:  As you all know technology has made a tremendous changes in our daily life with new innovations in technology new platforms and ways of communication is improved from tradition call phone to an android mobile device technology has changed the way of communication and long distance calling become much easier and cheaper in 2008 a china mobile Pakistan company “zong” put a step into mobile network industry of Pakistan and now in Present day Zong has become the most powerful network in Pakistan with over 6 million active zong user.
Recently Zong purchased shares of 4G data transmission rights from PTA and become the largest network provider company in Pakistan. Zong bring exciting internet Packages for its active user with the ballistic speed of 3G and 4G of different types Zong internet packages ranges from Daily, weekly to monthly data bundles.

Zong Company :  Zong

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong brings very interesting daily internet packages for those who doesn’t like to spend money on cheaper rates zong provide different daily packages. Zong daily internet packages are especially for those users who do not have use much internet. If you have finished the monthly internet package and you don’t have balance in your account, you can activate the daily package in less money. Here are the details of Zong daily internet Packages you can select any one.

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Zong Weakly Internet Packages

Most of the people love to suffer internet on their cell phone and explore search engine a lot for those surfies Zong brought up weekly internet offer to make them enjoy internet surfing check out the latest weekly internet packages. Here are the details of Zong Weakly internet Packages you can select any one of them.

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Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Zong Introduces full month internet package. This package activates one time and enjoys the internet service the whole month. In some of these packages include free SMS and free minutes. You will fall in love with these monthly internet packages of Zong by enjoying the rocket speed of 4G internet. These internet packages are very attractive for the users.

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Zong Postpaid Packages

Zong also offer daily weekly and monthly internet package to its postpaid clients along with SMS and call packages. These packages are especially for the business users.

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if you want to more information about Zong postpaid internet packages please click here Zong

Terms and Conditions:
1- These packages prices are inclusive of taxes but postpaid packages not inclusive tax.
2- These all packages included SMS can be sent to any network in Pakistan.
3– You can get only one Internet package at the same time.
4- Zong company can freeze any internet offer any time.
5- If you have in-sufficient account balance in the account, the internet package expires when the duration ends.

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