4 Ways to Get Scholarships Without Merit and Overseas Programs

Education is key to a successful career. For those seeking professional competition. Besides learning, education broadens perspectives and increases experience. This process shapes thoughts and boosts intelligence.

The Indonesian government promotes 12 years of compulsory education. From elementary, middle, and high school. Additionally, education can foster ties with students and school staff. School or university can indirectly improve social skills. The government also provides free education in national-standard state schools. However, many struggle to afford for school supplies.Not all university students obtain affordable tuition. State campuses establish semester fees based on parents’ income. In contrast, private sector costs are flat. This can be overcome with scholarships. Aid usually comes in the form of cash, free tuition, living expenses, or subsidies. Katadata.co.id will address merit-free scholarship applications this time. Scholarships without academic requirements are needed. Some need it due to financial constraints.

How to Get a Scholarship Without Merit

Here’s how to get a scholarship without merit:

1. Find out scholarship information

The first way to get a scholarship without merit is to look for information. You can search for it via social media, official announcements, or flyers distributed by government agencies, companies, or campuses. On social media platforms like Instagram, there are many accounts that specifically discuss scholarships. Including administering scholarships from various parties, how to register, deadlines and requirements. Therefore, it is important for you to be active on social media so you don’t miss out on information. This includes official academic or student affairs accounts from campus.

2. Creating a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

CV is also known as a curriculum vitae. This document is usually used by job or scholarship applicants to introduce themselves and various academic and professional matters. Generally, scholarship organizers make a CV a requirement. The contents include personal data, educational history, organizational experience, internships, work and achievements. So that the selection committee is interested, you can make your CV attractive and neat. Additionally, include photos to accompany the document.

To make it easier to make, you can use a photo editing application that provides a CV template. You can also include a list of abilities to convince the scholarship selection committee.

3. Active in organization

In addition to your achievements, scholarship organizers can assess you based on your organizational experience. Through a CV, the party can review the level of activity at the school or campus.
You should have an interest in joining the organization. For example, OSIS, MPK, BEM, or DPM. This level of activity can illustrate a high interest in education. That way, recruiters can consider you as a candidate for a scholarship.

4. Take courses

The official courses taken can be included in the CV, which is then reviewed by the recruiter. Especially for those of you who take part in training with clear results and certification. The experience of taking courses or training can be an asset to improving your abilities. Apart from that, this can also describe interests and talents, which can be a plus. Overseas Scholarship Program The following is a list of overseas scholarship programs that are worth considering:

1. Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarship

This scholarship program may be suitable for people who desire to study abroad nearby. Brunei Darussalam’s government offers this program for undergraduate and graduate students. Interestingly, campus options vary. Others include Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University and Brunei Darussalam University. Seri Begawan Ugama University College, Brunei Polytechnic, Brunei University of Technology Choose from those five universities. Search for the selected major’s availability.

2. KAIST Scholarship

This scholarship focuses on technology majors, specifically in South Korea. The promised facilities include free tuition fees for eight semesters, living costs and health insurance. This program is aimed at prospective international students who graduate before a certain deadline.

3. Mitsui Bussan Scholarship

This method of getting a scholarship to study abroad is suitable for those of you who want to study in Sakura, namely Japan. The guarantee for education costs is five years. This includes 1.5 years of Japanese language courses and four years of lectures. Not only that, other facilities include a living allowance and round-trip transportation costs.

4. Orange Tulip Scholarship

This scholarship was held by the Dutch government together with Nuffic Neso Indonesia, a non-profit organization based in the city of Denmark. This program offers the possibility to study at one of 25 well-known campuses in the Netherlands. The main requirement is to become an Orange Tulip Scholarship scholarship partner. You will get a 30-100% discount on education costs until completion. 5. IFA Paris Scholarship This program offers three scholarships based on reduced tuition fees. The focus of this scholarship is majoring in the field of fashion. Considering that France is known as the center of world fashion. The study programs that can be chosen are Bachelor Fashion Design and Technology, Bachelor Visual Merchandising, Bachelor Fashion Marketing and Bachelor Fashion Sustainability. That’s the discussion about how to get a scholarship without merit and overseas programs that are worth considering. Even if you don’t have significant achievements, you can strengthen your academic scores as capital to apply for a scholarship.


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