Scholarships to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an important step towards achieving your career aspirations. However, this will definitely cost a lot of money.

If you are looking for an opportunity to study abroad and are having problems with financing or if you want to reduce the burden of costs that you have to bear, we have collected various information about scholarships abroad to help students from Indonesia access opportunities to get scholarships together with our university partners in various parts of the world.

Through this list, you will learn about various types of scholarships from various parts of the world that you can choose and apply for.

Types of scholarships available

There are several places that are very popular among Indonesian students when looking for scholarships. Some of them are Australia, England, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland< a i=10>, and United States.

Universities in these countries offer a variety of scholarships, not only merit-based scholarships which generally only accept applicants with extraordinary academic achievements. This educational institution also offers partial, subsistence, and full scholarships which are widely available to students from Indonesia!

Each type of scholarship certainly has certain requirements, depending on the university and educational program chosen. However, these scholarship programs also offer financial assistance for various needs at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral education levels.

Conditions for Reading Partial Scholarship Information from Educational Institutions

*Partial Scholarship information from IDP partner educational institutions can change at any time without notice and it is possible that this article has not been updated according to these changes. Please contact the IDP Education office for more complete information by filling in the form on this page!

*IDP does not offer scholarships. Overseas education consultancy firm IDP. As your initial step to studying abroad, IDP Education counselors may help you get a Letter of Acceptance from Australian, British, Irish, US, Canadian, and New Zealand universities.

The following are various types of scholarships available:

Achievement Scholarship

This type of scholarship is offered to students who meet certain criteria of ability, skills, and academic appearance. Evaluation is done on their previous study history.

The requirements applied are quite varied. Many universities also consider other abilities you have such as music, leadership, and extracurricular activities when considering your application.

Specific Purpose Scholarships

Several national governments, public authorities, and universities abroad offer special full-needs and subsistence scholarships for international students who are deemed to meet the conditions they set.

Scholarships for Certain Study Programs

Many universities, colleges, and even companies offer scholarships based on specific study programs. Various study program departments at various universities also offer this scholarship to encourage enrollment in their field of study. Some of them include engineering, social sciences, and economics.

Need Based Scholarships

This scholarship aids financially struggling students studying abroad. This scholarship may cover tuition and additional expenses. and This scholarship is independent from the merit scholarship but can have the same recipient.Students must show financial need to receive this grant. Parent or guardian income evidence can be supplied.

Athletic Scholarships

Athletically gifted individuals are usually awarded this scholarship. This award requires students to balance academics, sports, and school reputation.

Govt Scholarships

For those seeking scholarships, check government scholarships. Various departments and ministries compete to offer free government-funded education. Students and private and state personnel who want to improve academically can apply for this scholarship. Ministry of Finance-managed LPDP, LIPI, and BAPPENAS scholarships are examples of government scholarships.

Private scholarships

Through corporate social responsibility programs, the business sector often offers free education to those who desire to advance. Private scholarships are usually industry-specific, but not necessarily.

Scholarships from developed nations

Education and social welfare cooperation between developed and poor countries is achieved through scholarships. Scholarships from industrialized countries aim to increase research centers in underdeveloped countries as well as educational facilities and infrastructure.

University Scholarships

Universities also offer scholarships to prospective students. University scholarships are usually partial. Sports, study, and student exchange scholarships are available at universities.

The benefits of studying abroad go beyond the scholarships offered

Scholarships can indeed help fund your study abroad process, but only a small percentage of students end up studying abroad on a scholarship. This means that scholarships are not the first reason for many people to study abroad!

There are various benefits that Indonesian students can get when studying abroad, regardless of whether they succeed in obtaining a scholarship or not.

Benefits offered include:

1. Getting a well-known degree will provide benefits for your career path

Studying abroad enables you to obtain a reputable degree which will be very useful when applying for jobs.

In this way, you can get career opportunities with a higher level of income in various companies of your dreams as well as a good starting point for your next career journey.

2. Can work abroad after graduating

Many countries allow international students to work and start their careers in the country where they study after graduation.

This means, you can access work opportunities abroad with a higher level of income and which can encourage your career journey.

3. Discover new cultures and stretch yourself outside your comfort zone

Studying abroad will teach you many things. You can learn to appreciate a variety of different cultures. Apart from that, you will also be able to hone various skills that will develop you as a person and professional.

In this case, obtaining a scholarship is indeed an important step. However, this should not be your main reason for studying abroad. The various benefits you can get are far more valuable in terms of your time and investment, with or without a scholarship!

4. Develop Your English Skills

By studying abroad, you will be immersed in a variety of environments that will allow you to develop your English language skills. This will certainly help you in getting more opportunities in various countries to develop your career.

Confused about choosing a scholarship? We can help you! Let us guide you through the entire process including selection of study program to visa application. Contact our education counselors today, it’s free.

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