Benefits of the Internet for Education & the General World

Benefits of the Internet – Almost everyone in urban areas has access to the internet network, from children to adults, although sometimes they only use it for leisure activities and cannot maximize the actual functions and benefits of using the internet. With the internet, everyone can connect without being constrained by distance. The benefits you will get are varied. It all depends on the use. Will you use the internet for positive activities or is it just a waste of time

Understanding the Internet 

understanding the internet

The internet is a network of computers connected to each other using the global system standard TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) which is a packet exchange protocol to serve billions of users from all corners of the world.In another definition, the Internet (Interconnected Network) is a collection of computers connected to each other in a global network without limits in number, distance and time.

For example, when using a computer connected to the internet, we can search for information via Google , share data and communicate with other people in any part of the world,   as long as the device is connected to the Internet network.

Understanding the Internet According to Experts

  • The internet is the interconnection of a computer network that can provide complete information services (Lani Sidharta).
  • The Internet is a connection between various types of computers and networks in  the world with different operating systems and applications, where  this connection utilizes advances in communication (telephone and satellite) which  use standard protocols for communication, namely the TCP/IP protocol (Supriyanto).
  • The internet  is a very fast public web connected by a
    computer network, which connects various types of users throughout the world, thus
    forming a very large information repository (Kotler & Armstrong).

Understanding Intranet

An intranet is a private network that is used for communication between computers with each other within a limited scope. such as company, school, organization or agency environments.Intranets are operated in a LAN (Local area network) or MAN (metropolitan area network). An intranet is similar to the Internet, from the protocols used to how it is used. It’s just that the intranet is more secret and can only be accessed by computers that have previously been connected by LAN (cable).

We can see a simple example of using an Intranet in an internet cafe. In a company, using an intranet will speed up data access. When you want to open sales data, employees just open a web browser and navigate to the page where the data is located, without having to connect to the internet, which sometimes has a slow connection.

Understanding Intranet According to Experts

  • An intranet is a private network within a company that uses internet standards to allow employees to access and share information using web publishing technology (Chaffey).
  • An intranet is an internal company or government network that uses internet equipment, such as web browsers and internet protocols. (Turban & King)

Intranet Benefits

1. Intranet Resource Sharing capabilities
enable the use of shared resources on devices connected to the network. An example is the use of a printer.

2. Work Effectiveness and Efficiency
By using an intranet, someone who uses a computer can retrieve or use data on another computer.

3. Data Security
Data becomes safer, because it allows data to be centralized to avoid access from unauthorized users.

Benefits of the Internet

Before explaining the functions and benefits of the internet in detail. In this sub-chapter we briefly write down some of the benefits of the internet for students, education and the general public.

Benefits of the Internet for Students and Education

So, here are some of the benefits or uses of the internet for students and also the world of education:

  1. Source of Information for All Types of Science.
  2. Online Training and Learning.
  3. Online Announcement
  4. Read Digital Books or Access Online Libraries
  5. Knowledge Sharing Facility
  6. Question and Answer Room
  7. Publication of Works
  8. Expanding Knowledge and Relationships
  9. Helps Mastery of Foreign Languages
  10. Supports Independent / Autodidactic Learning

Benefits of the Internet in General

Apart from students and the world of education. There are also benefits of the internet in the fields of economics, business, agriculture which are summarized in the following sections:

  1. Media for Communicating and Socializing
  2. Data Exchange Media
  3. Entertainment facility
  4. Means to Earn Money
  5. Means to Channel Hobbies.
  6. Work Effectiveness and Efficiency
  7. Promotion media
  8. A Place to Express Opinions
  9. Looking for Ideas
  10. Building and Expanding Business
  11. Online Shopping or Online Transactions
  12. Adding insight

While using the internet, a person can benefit from building strong social relationships, stimulating creativity, encouraging participation in communities, discovering broad ideas, and gaining valuable knowledge.

Benefits of the Internet for Students and Education

The following is a detailed discussion of the benefits of the Internet based on the brief description written in the previous point.

  1. Information Sources
    To expand knowledge or increase understanding of a science. Students can access various additional information from what has been explained by the teacher in class. There are millions of websites that have various data in the form of images, videos and text from various types of scientific disciplines, which can make it easier for us to find the information we need.
  2. Online Training and Learning
    Online learning helps students and teachers interact without the constraints of distance and time. Students can access and obtain information anytime and anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet and the system provided.
  3. Making Students and Teachers Become
    Technologically Literate Technology is an important thing nowadays. Students and teachers are required to master technology which in the future will of course become more varied and developed. For students, mastering technology is also beneficial when they are in the school environment. When they graduate and work, students must at least master the basics of computer technology and also programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. This is useful to make it easier for them, if they are assigned to use these tools.
  4. Student Independent Learning Facilities
    By using the internet we can also take part in lessons outside of the formal education provided at school, nowadays there are lots of tutorials in the form of videos and texts that provide information as needed.
  5. Online Announcements
    To see the results of a graduation or other announcements, by using the internet, students no longer have to huddle in front of a notice board or wall magazine just to see data on grades or passing an assignment.
  6. Reading Digital Books or Accessing Online Libraries
    Nowadays, information sources are in open form, not only available in physical form. But it is also available in digital form. Like for example E-books. By using the internet, we can access these files either from websites or online libraries.
  7. A Place to Share Knowledge
    When we gain knowledge. One way to make this knowledge just evaporate from our brains is by sharing it with other people. You can write what you have learned in a free blog. Or make a video tutorial that you can upload on video sharing sites, such as YouTube, etc.  Apart from that, you can also join online communities according to your interests. Apart from sharing knowledge or gaining new knowledge. You will also of course make new friends. Even if it’s only in cyberspace.
  8. Question and Answer Room
    Sometimes there is something that is understood in class lessons. Apart from that, you can ask the teacher concerned and also friends. You can also ask questions about school lessons on sites that provide such services. For example, Yahoo Answers. Brainly etc.
  9. Publication of Works
    If you have works, whether in digital or physical form. You can upload it on the internet so that your work is famous, useful for many people and also possible to earn money. Like the flappy bird game which was published on the internet and then boomed. After that, of course, money poured into the pockets of the game makers.

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