10 Signs Your Laptop or Desktop PC Needs an Upgrade

How long will a laptop or desktop computer last?When should you replace your laptop or computer?The age of a laptop or PC is frequently cited as a reason to purchase a new computer.When a computer is no longer acceptable for use by employees for work, you must prepare a substantial sum of money to upgrade your workplace computer. When upgrading your laptop or PC, there are various factors to consider. Learn more here.Furthermore, small and medium-sized firms must be more stringent in purchasing laptops and desktop computers for staff.Purchasing a laptop will very probably come with additional expenditures, such as maintenance, program installation, storage, and the time and cost of selling your old computer.

How long do laptops and desktops last?

The long lifespan of laptops and desktop PCs is an attraction for business consumers. Computers that can last a long time can save procurement costs. Because it is durable, companies don’t need to spend a lot of money in a short time. The money used to procure laptops and PCs can be diverted to other productive things. Especially for small and medium businesses, procurement too frequently will disrupt limited cash flow .

The average age of a laptop is five years. Routine maintenance makes the laptop last longer. However, there may no longer be much support for applications. The availability of application and operating system support is the reason why laptops cannot be used for longer. Meanwhile, the lifespan of a desktop PC can be three years longer, or up to eight years. Components that are easily upgradeable make it last longer.

When is it time to upgrade your laptop and desktop PC?

The following are 10 signs when you should upgrade your laptop and office PC:

1. Compatibility Issues when Upgrading Hardware

Several types of laptops and all desktop PCs can have their hardware upgraded . For example, if you want to add RAM and suddenly a compatibility problem appears, this means your computer no longer supports the latest version of hardware. Compatibility problems that are too complex sometimes force you to upgrade all the hardware on the computer. If you encounter this problem, it is better to just buy a new desktop or laptop.

2. Cannot update the operating system

Every operating system version has an age.If you regularly update your Windows or Mac operating system, you can remedy this problem by first upgrading the operating system.If your computer is no longer compatible with the most recent operating system, it is preferable to simply upgrade your laptop.It is more vital to upgrade the operating system because it is safer, fixes existing flaws, and boosts your future productivity.

3. No More Security Support

If laptops and desktop PCs no longer support the latest operating system versions, this is the beginning of a security disaster in your company. Apart from the operating system, make sure every application installed on your computer still gets security updates. If the developer no longer provides security updates for your computer system, immediately upgrade your laptop or desktop PC. Applications and operating systems that are not updated have many security holes.

4. Servicing your computer too often

Computer servicing is often done because it is considered more cost-effective than buying a new computer. However, have you also calculated the costs incurred to take your computer to a repairman? Have the service costs also been calculated, including the costs of continuous repairs in the future? Have you calculated the losses due to loss of employee productivity? Try comparing it with the cost of upgrading a new laptop, which one is more economical?

5. Replacement spare parts are no longer sold

Severe damage, such as a cracked screen, broken keyboard, or broken trackpad should make you think about buying a new computer. Even though it can be repaired, it is not certain that replacement hardware or spare parts are available on the market. Instead of buying used components that are not necessarily original and fixing the problem, it’s better to just buy a new laptop or PC.

6. Noisy Computer Fan

One sign that a computer is completely damaged is that the fan is working very hard even though it is not being used for heavy duty. Outdated hardware will not be able to run the latest version of the operating system or application. The hardware will be forced to work extra, causing the temperature to rise and the fan to spin faster. If you encounter this problem, please change to a new computer immediately.

7. Application loading takes a very long time

Old hardware cannot keep up with regularly updated software.Check the Minimum System Requirements of each application to see if your machine is still compatible with the most recent version of an application.It is preferable to consider purchasing a new computer rather than running outdated software that are unsafe.

8. Employees Need Faster Performance

Have you ever calculated how much loss there is due to slow work due to an old computer? If you want your employees to work faster, consider replacing old computers with new ones. Your employees will be happier, less stressed due to very long loading times. The new computer can open applications more quickly, complete tasks more quickly, and can be immediately forwarded to another section.

8. Employees Need Faster Performance
8. Employees Need Faster Performance

9. Annoying Multitasking Problems

If you use just one application it will be slow, let alone many applications at the same time. Computers that are not capable of running one or two applications simultaneously are difficult to maintain. A sign that it’s time for you to buy a new laptop is when switching applications feels slow (even to the point of errors). You need to understand that in the past computers were only designed for creating documents, so it is difficult to match today’s needs when computers are needed for browsing, streaming, and editing.

10. Very Long Startup and Shutdown

Lastly, the main sign that you need to upgrade your laptop or desktop PC is when the computer takes too long to boot. Just imagine, just starting and shutting down the system takes a long time, let alone using heavier applications. Don’t expect to be able to smoothly switch applications when multitasking. Plus, the operating system is constantly being updated and will become heavier day by day.


If you decide to upgrade your laptop or PC, it’s a great decision. Hopefully, you can find a better replacement PC. If you have difficulty finding a good PC, we can help you find the best PC solution for your company. Please note, upgrading your PC will make your employees happy because they can work faster.

A few tips for new laptops and desktop PCs. Once you get a new computer for business, install the necessary applications and antivirus. Transfer data from old computers and adjust settings according to your company’s IT policies. Make sure your employees know how to properly care for laptops and PCs so that the devices remain durable enough to be used for years to come.

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