How Much is Progressive Car Insurance Per Month? | Step by Step Guide 2023


Car insurance is a legal requirement for all drivers in the United States. Choosing the right car insurance company and policy is crucial to getting adequate coverage at an affordable monthly premium and offers competitive rates for drivers. But how much does Progressive car insurance cost per month on average?

The cost of Progressive insurance varies from person to person based on factors like age, driving record, location, type of vehicle insured, coverage limits and deductibles. Generally speaking, though, Progressive provides some of the lowest average monthly premiums in the car insurance industry.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the typical cost of Progressive auto insurance per month. We’ll also provide tips to help you lower your Progressive premium and get the best rate possible.

What Impacts Your Progressive Monthly Payments?

Progressive uses complex algorithms and rating factors to calculate customized quotes for each applicant. Some key factors that affect your Progressive monthly payments include:

Driver Profile: Your age, gender, marital status, and driving experience play a big role in determining your auto insurance rates. Teenagers and young drivers pay the highest Progressive premiums due to lack of experience behind the wheel. But rates start to go down once you turn 25 and keep decreasing as you get older.

Driving and Claims History: Motorists with a clean driving record free of accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and other violations enjoy lower Progressive rates. But if you have a history of frequent claims or major violations, your monthly costs will be substantially higher.

Vehicle Type: Insuring a sports car, luxury sedan or high-end SUV costs more per month than insuring an economy car or mid-size sedan. Also, the year, make and model of your vehicle affects premiums. Newer cars generally cost more to insure than older cars.

Coverage Type and Limits: Minimum liability coverage is cheaper per month than comprehensive and collision coverage. Also, the higher your coverage limits for bodily injury, property damage, and uninsured motorist protection, the more you’ll pay each month.

Deductible Amount: Choosing a higher deductible (e.g. $1,000) lowers your monthly premiums. A lower deductible costs more per month but reduces your out-of-pocket costs when you file a claim.

Discounts: Progressive offers many ways to get discounts and reduce your monthly auto insurance costs, which we’ll discuss more below.

Location: Where you live and park your car at night also impacts your Progressive premiums. Drivers in low-risk rural and suburban regions generally pay less per month than those in congested urban areas and high-risk regions prone to accidents and auto thefts.

Now that you know the major pricing factors, let’s take a closer look at average Progressive car insurance rates per month.

Average Monthly Progressive Premiums by Demographics

Progressive monthly costs can vary significantly based on your personal and vehicular attributes. Here are some average monthly auto insurance rates from Progressive based on demographics:

  • Teenage Driver: $176 – $268 per month
  • Young Driver (Under 25): $100 – $224 per month
  • Single Adult (25-65): $78 – $156 per month
  • Married Adult (25-65): $70 – $134 per month
  • Senior Adult (65+): $58 – $116 per month

In general, middle-aged and married drivers enjoy the lowest Progressive premiums due to their experience behind the wheel and tendency for fewer claims. But even within those demographics, your personalized monthly costs will depend on all the other rating factors discussed above.

How Coverage Levels Affect Monthly Payments

The types of insurance coverage you choose with Progressive also impact your monthly auto premiums. Here are the average monthly costs for common Progressive coverage options and limits:

  • Minimum Liability Coverage: $50 – $100 per month
  • Liability Coverage (100/300/50): $70 – $150 per month
  • Full Coverage (100/300/50 with Comp/Coll): $100 – $250 per month
  • Increased Uninsured Motorist Coverage: +$10 – $30 per month
  • Decreased Collision Deductible: +$5 – $15 per month

Liability coverage alone costs between $50 – $150 per month on average from Progressive. But most drivers need full coverage with collision and comprehensive, which increases the monthly premium to $100 – $250 typically. Optional coverages like roadside assistance, rental reimbursement and medical payments coverage will also raise your per month costs.

How to Get Progressive’s Lowest Rates

  • Increase your deductible: Choose a $500 or $1,000 deductible instead of a $250 or $500 deductible.
  • Drop optional coverages: Remove extras like rental car reimbursement or roadside assistance if you don’t need them.
  • Reduce your coverage limits: Consider dropping to minimum liability limits or slightly lower coverage levels.
  • Improve your credit score: Having very good or excellent credit will likely lower your rates.
  • Ask about discounts: Make sure you’re taking advantage of all possible discounts you qualify for.
  • Shop around: Compare Progressive quotes with other top insurers to find your best rate.
  • Enroll in Snapshot: Progressive’s usage-based “Snapshot” program can potentially save you up to 30% per month.
  • Increase policy tenure: Loyalty pays off, so stick with Progressive for multiple years to get lower renewal premiums.
  • Reduce mileage: Drive less than 7,500 miles per year to possibly qualify for a low mileage discount.
  • Move to a safer area: Relocating to a low-crime area with less accidents could reduce your premiums.

Taking the time to optimize all these variables in your Progressive policy can potentially save you hundreds per year in premiums.

How Accidents, Tickets and Claims Affect Your Rates

Now let’s take a look at how accidents, traffic violations and insurance claims impact your Progressive monthly payments.

  • Major Violation (Reckless Driving, DUI, etc.): +70% rate increase on average
  • Minor Violation (Speeding Ticket, etc.): +20% rate increase on average
  • Single At-Fault Accident: +30% rate increase on average
  • Multiple Accidents in 3 Years: +50% or more rate increase on average
  • Single Comp/Collision Claim: +10% rate increase on average
  • Multiple Claims in 3 Years: +40% or more rate increase on average

As you can see, violations and claims substantially increase your car insurance rates. A single major violation or at-fault accident can raise your Progressive premiums by 20-70% per month. Multiple accidents or claims in a short timeframe have an even greater impact on your rates.

Maintaining a clean driving record free of accidents and tickets is the best way to ensure affordable and stable Progressive premiums each month.

How Location Affects Monthly Payments

Where you live and park your vehicle has a big influence on your Progressive monthly costs. Auto insurance rates vary widely across states, cities and even zip codes.

Here are sample monthly Progressive premiums for a sample driver in 20 major US cities:

  • Houston, TX: $120 per month
  • Las Vegas, NV: $135 per month
  • San Antonio, TX: $145 per month
  • Los Angeles, CA: $170 per month
  • Philadelphia, PA: $180 per month
  • Phoenix, AZ: $185 per month
  • San Diego, CA: $195 per month
  • Dallas, TX: $200 per month
  • San Jose, CA: $205 per month
  • Austin, TX: $210 per month
  • Jacksonville, FL: $220 per month
  • Indianapolis, IN: $225 per month
  • Charlotte, NC: $230 per month
  • Fort Worth, TX: $235 per month
  • Columbus, OH: $240 per month
  • San Francisco, CA: $270 per month
  • New York, NY: $300 per month
  • Detroit, MI: $325 per month
  • Miami, FL: $330 per month
  • Baltimore, MD: $350 per month

As shown, monthly premiums in major metro areas like Miami, Baltimore and New York City are nearly triple the average costs in smaller cities like Houston and San Antonio. Even within the same state, costs can vary significantly between rural, suburban and urban zip codes.

Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

Bundling your car and homeowners or renters insurance with Progressive can help you save substantially on your monthly premiums. Progressive offers the following bundling discounts:

  • 5-10% discount for bundling two policies
  • Up to 15% discount for bundling three or more policies

By insuring both your home and auto with Progressive, you can potentially lower each monthly bill by up to 10%. The more policies you bundle together, the greater your cost savings.

Bundling insurance allows you to simplify bill paying with a single monthly premium while locking in conveniently low rates. It’s one of the best ways to maximize savings with Progressive.

Snapshot Usage-Based Insurance Savings

For the biggest possible savings on Progressive premiums, consider enrolling in their Snapshot program. This innovative usage-based insurance program allows Progressive to monitor your driving through a telematics device installed in your vehicle.

Progressive uses the data collected to generate a personalized policy based on your actual driving habits. Careful, low-mileage drivers can receive discounts up to 30% by participating in Snapshot.

Here’s a look at how much you could potentially lower your Progressive monthly premium by enrolling in Snapshot:

  • 10% Discount: $20 savings per month
  • 20% Discount: $40 savings per month
  • 30% Discount: $60 savings per month

Obviously the actual dollar amounts you save will vary based on your current Progressive premiums. But for most drivers Snapshot offers an easy way to slash your monthly auto insurance costs.

The only downside is that Snapshot does involve putting a monitoring device in your vehicle. But for many the potential monthly savings outweigh any privacy concerns.

Discounts to Reduce Your Rates

Beyond bundling policies and choosing Snapshot, Progressive also offers a variety of discounts to help cut costs on your monthly premiums:

  • Multi-Policy Discount: 5-15% savings for bundling
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: ~10% savings for insuring multiple cars
  • Good Driver Discount: 10% savings for no violations in 3 years
  • Student Driver Discount: 10% savings for teen drivers with B average
  • Vehicle Safety Features: 5-15% savings for airbags, anti-lock brakes, etc.
  • Progressive Advantage Discount: ~5% savings for signing documents electronically
  • Continuous Insurance Discount: 5-10% savings for prior auto coverage
  • Pay in Full Discount: ~5% savings for paying 6 months upfront
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Discount: ~5% savings for auto-pay billing
  • Prompt Payment Discount: ~5% savings for on-time payments
  • Online Quote Discount: ~5% savings for getting a quote online

Carefully reviewing these discounts during the quoting process helps ensure you receive all the savings possible on your Progressive policy. Applying multiple discounts can reduce your monthly costs significantly.

How Coverage Costs Change Over Time

For most drivers, Progressive auto insurance rates decrease each year you continue insuring with them. Here are the typical coverage costs over time for Progressive policyholders:

  • Year 1: Highest rates
  • Year 2: ~10% lower than Year 1
  • Year 3: ~15% lower than Year 1
  • Year 4: ~20% lower than Year 1
  • Year 5+: ~25% lower than Year 1

This pattern occurs because tenure is rewarded by Progressive. The longer you remain a loyal customer and maintain a clean driving record, the more your monthly premiums go down at renewal.

Multi-year customers get access to the best Progressive rates thanks to tenure-based price reductions. Just be aware your monthly costs will rise again if you cause an accident or add violations to your driving history.

How Age Affects Monthly Payments

As mentioned previously, your age is one of the top factors affecting Progressive premium costs. Here is a detailed breakdown of how monthly auto insurance rates typically change as you get older:

Teen Drivers (Age 16-19)

  • Average Monthly Cost: $176-$268
  • Highest rates due to inexperience
  • Rates decrease ~10% per year while licensed

Young Drivers (Age 20-24)

  • Average Monthly Cost: $100-$224
  • Rates decrease ~5-8% per year as you gain experience

Adult Drivers (Age 25-65)

  • Average Monthly Cost: $70-$156
  • Lowest rates based on experience and risk factors
  • Rates remain fairly flat year to year

Senior Drivers (Age 65+)

  • Average Monthly Cost: $58-$116
  • Slightly lower rates than middle-aged adults
  • Rates remain consistent year to year

Teens pay astronomical rates when first licensed due to lack of driving experience. But Progressive rewards safe driving by dropping rates quickly as teenage policyholders grow more experienced behind the wheel.

Once you hit your mid-20s, expect to enjoy Progressive’s lowest base rates. Seniors get a very modest price break compared to middle-aged adults on their auto insurance.

Adding a Teen Driver to Your Policy

Adding a teenager to your existing Progressive policy raises your monthly premiums by 50-100% on average. Here are the typical monthly rate increases when adding a teen driver:

  • Adding a 16-Year-Old: +70% increase
  • Adding a 17-Year-Old: +65% increase
  • Adding an 18-Year-Old: +60% increase
  • Adding a 19-Year-Old: +50% increase

Since teens represent the highest risk category of drivers, insuring them costs significantly more per month. But it still saves money compared to letting your teen get a standalone policy.

Once your teen turns 20, your monthly premiums will start dropping again as Progressive reduces their rates based on experience behind the wheel. Maintaining stellar grades in school and taking driver’s education can help offset the rate hike from adding a teen.

How Gender Affects Monthly Costs

Historically males paid quite a bit more for auto insurance compared to females due to higher rates of accidents, claims and violations. However, Progressive pricing is now much more gender-neutral than in the past.

Here are the typical monthly rate differences by gender:

  • Single 17-25 Year Old Female: $195 per month
  • Single 17-25 Year Old Male: $210 per month
  • Married 35-65 Year Old Female: $125 per month
  • Married 35-65 Year Old Male: $135 per month

As you can see, Progressive’s current pricing model results in relatively modest monthly premium differences between males and females. Gender is becoming less of a factor as other rating criteria like driving experience and mileage take on more weight.

The Impact of Marriage on Monthly Payments

Married drivers tend to pay less for Progressive insurance per month compared to single drivers due to lower statistical risk:

  • Single 25 Year Old Driver: $155 per month
  • Married 25 Year Old Driver: $130 per month
  • Single 40 Year Old Driver: $140 per month
  • Married 40 Year Old Driver: $110 per month

Marriage is associated with more responsible driving behaviors in claims data. Married couples also tend to properly maintain their vehicles and follow safety best practices more often. As a result, Progressive offers married applicants lower rates.

The monthly discount for putting your spouse on your policy will vary case by case. But in general, expect to save around $20 per month or more when going from single to married status.

Cost Differences for High-Risk Drivers

Drivers classified as high-risk face steep monthly premiums from Progressive based on statistical likelihood of future accidents and claims. Here are average monthly rates based on risk status:

  • Clean Record Driver: $100 per month
  • 1 Minor Violation: $120 per month
  • 1 Major Violation (DUI): $180 per month
  • Recent At-Fault Accident: $130 per month
  • 2 or More Recent Accidents: $200+ per month

Drivers with multiple accidents, major violations like DUI, or a revoked license due to serious offenses will pay significantly higher Progressive premiums. Costs for high-risk drivers can exceed $200+ per month even with minimum coverage limits.

Getting the Best Progressive Rates

Here are some final tips for getting the lowest possible Progressive monthly premiums:

  • Shop around with multiple insurers before choosing Progressive
  • Ask about all possible discounts you may qualify for
  • Consider usage-based Snapshot program to save up to 30% per month
  • Increase deductibles and drop optional coverages to lower rates
  • Maintain excellent credit history and score to save money
  • Drive conservatively and maintain a clean driving record over time
  • Insure all your vehicles and home with Progressive to maximize bundling discount
  • Take advantage of price reductions for tenure, good student status and marriage
  • Compare quotes frequently and switch insurers if you find a better deal

Carefully optimizing all these variables allows you to lock in the most affordable Progressive monthly premiums.


Determining exactly how much you’ll pay per month for Progressive car insurance depends on analyzing all the variables discussed in this guide. Your personalized quote will be based on Progressive’s proprietary rating algorithms and pricing models. But generally speaking, you can expect average monthly costs between $70 – $250 as a baseline.

Drivers in their 20s and teens often pay the most, with premiums ranging from $100 – $268 on average. But those monthly costs start decreasing quickly as you gain more experience on the road accident and violation-free. Once you pass 25, Progressive rewards good driving by offering their best rates. Monthly payments for safe drivers in their 30s, 40s and 50s usually fall between $70 – $160.

Seniors also get some of Progressive’s cheapest premiums, with average monthly costs in the range of $58 – $116 for 65+ drivers. So if you have a long tenure and clean record with Progressive, you’ll likely see your premiums decrease each renewal as you get older. Monthly payments only start to increase again if you start filing claims or adding violations to your driving history.

If you want to maximize savings and get the absolute lowest rates, enroll in Progressive’s innovative Snapshot program. By installing a monitoring device in your vehicle, Snapshot gives Progressive the ability to base your rates on actual driving data. Those who exhibit safe habits like low mileage, no late night driving, and no sudden braking or acceleration are rewarded with discounts up to 30%.

For example, a typical adult driver paying $150 per month could potentially reduce their payments to just $105 by qualifying for Snapshot’s maximum discount. Of course, the actual dollar amounts you save will vary based on your current premiums. But Snapshot is by far the best way to slash your Progressive monthly bill.

Beyond Snapshot, there are plenty of other discounts you can take advantage of to reduce your car insurance costs. Make sure to inquire about the multi-policy, multi-vehicle, good driver, good student, and autopay discounts to maximize savings. Taking defensive driving courses is another simple way to instantly lower your rates.

And carefully compare Progressive’s rate quotes with other top insurers like GEICO, Allstate, and State Farm. It always pays to shop around, because even insurers with similar overall pricing models will have slight differences in how they calculate premiums for your specific risk profile. Locking in the lowest monthly rate requires getting multiple quotes.

Also pay close attention to your coverage limits, deductibles and added features like rental reimbursement or roadside assistance. Increasing your deductible to $500 or $1,000 can shave a decent amount off your monthly payments. And removing unneeded extra coverage is an easy way to get cheaper premiums. But don’t sacrifice important protections just to save a few bucks.

Being a safe and defensive driver is the #1 thing you can do to keep Progressive premiums affordable for the long run. Violations like DUI or reckless driving can increase your monthly costs by as much as 70-100%. At-fault accidents will also drive up your rates significantly. So obey all traffic laws, avoid risky driving behaviors, and maintain proper liability limits.

If you do file a claim with Progressive, take steps to prevent your rates from skyrocketing at renewal. Consider using savings to pay for minor repairs out-of-pocket rather than making a comprehensive or collision claim. Accidents and claims hurt your policyholder score with Progressive, so avoid them whenever possible.

And make sure to leverage any discounts you qualify for, like the continuous insurance, good student, and electronic documents discounts. Taking advantage of all possible savings is the key to getting the best rates. Carefully go through each discount with your Progressive agent to make sure none get missed.

The cost of insuring a teen driver raises monthly premiums substantially. But it still saves money versus getting your teenager their own policy. Maintaining good grades in school and taking driver’s education helps offset some of the rate increase. And Progressive’s rates for teens come down quickly as they gain experience on the road.

Where you live also really impacts what you’ll pay per month for coverage. Urban areas like New York City and Miami have average monthly costs of $300 or more. But if you reside in smaller cities like San Antonio or Las Vegas, you could pay just $120 – $135 per month for the exact same policy. So consider less congested zip codes if you’re open to relocating.

Bundling your homeowners or renters insurance along with your auto policy can lower monthly payments too. Progressive offers up to 15% off for packaging multiple insurance products together. The more you bundle, the more you save.

Marriage also results in cheaper monthly premiums, especially for younger drivers. Married people tend to have fewer accidents and insurance claims according to industry data. So tying the knot pays off when it comes to car insurance rates.

In the end, getting the best deal from Progressive requires carefully optimizing all these variables in your personalized auto insurance policy. The total cost differences can be hundreds of dollars per year. So take the time to make sure you’re maximizing all possible discounts, adjusting coverage limits intelligently, comparing competitor quotes, leveraging new customer promotions when available, and signing up for usage-based programs that reward good driving habits.

There are always ways to reduce your monthly insurance outlay without sacrificing necessary protection. Progressive provides some of the industry’s most affordable premiums. But you have to put in the work to configure your policy optimally based on your specific circumstances and risk factors.

Do your homework and you can lock in a competitive monthly rate that provides solid coverage at a budget-friendly price. Maintain safe driving habits over the long run and your Progressive premiums will keep rewarding you with additional savings year after year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Progressive insurance per month on average?

Average monthly costs with Progressive range from about $70 – $250 depending on your personal factors, vehicle, driving record and coverage levels. Teen and high-risk drivers pay the most, while middle-aged drivers pay the least.

How can I get the lowest monthly car insurance rate from Progressive?

Getting Progressive’s rock bottom rates depends on having a stellar driving record, excellent credit, insuring low-risk vehicles, choosing higher deductibles, minimizing optional coverages, qualifying for all discounts and participating in their Snapshot program.

Is Progressive or GEICO cheaper per month?

On average, Progressive and GEICO have very similar monthly rates. Both offer affordable premiums. GEICO may be cheaper for drivers with less experience, while Progressive offers greater savings for low-mile.

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