How to Share Balance from Jazz to Jazz Sim Card

Sharing balance from one Jazz sim card to another is easy and convenient with Jazz’s balance sharing feature. This allows Jazz customers to instantly transfer credit to any other Jazz number, without any charges. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to share balance from one Jazz sim to another Jazz sim card.


Jazz offers prepaid and postpaid mobile connections across Pakistan. It has emerged as one of the most popular cellular networks in the country. Jazz prepaid users can purchase scratch cards and easyload to add balance to their accounts. At times, they may need to transfer balance from one Jazz number to another. Jazz provides a balance sharing feature for this purpose.

Staying connected is crucial in today’s digital era, where our smartphones have become such an integral part of both our personal and professional lives. Having an active and sufficiently loaded prepaid mobile connection is therefore essential. Jazz, with its widespread network coverage and affordable packages, has emerged as the cellular network of choice for a majority of users in Pakistan. Jazz prepaid users have the ability to share balances quickly between Jazz numbers through the telecom’s balance sharing feature. This provides a convenient way to maintain an active connection not just on your own SIM card but also instantly recharge other Jazz numbers in your family or friend circle.

The Jazz balance sharing facility allows its prepaid subscribers to transfer available balance credit from their mobile account to any other registered Jazz number across Pakistan, without levying any charges. The process is instant, secure and can be initiated simply by dialing the USSD code *340# from your Jazz SIM. Once you enter the recipient’s Jazz number, amount to be transferred and confirm your Jazz Self Care PIN, the shared balance gets deducted from your account and added to the other person’s Jazz prepaid balance immediately.

Before you avail the balance sharing service, you need to ensure a few prerequisites are met. Firstly, the Jazz SIM card you are transferring balance from and the SIM receiving the balance should be active and duly registered with Jazz. Secondly, your SIM must have sufficient balance that you wish to share, partial or full. Any bonus balance cannot be transferred through sharing. You need to use bonus credit only

With Jazz balance sharing, you can quickly transfer available balance from your Jazz prepaid number to any other Jazz number. The amount will be instantly added to the recipient’s account. Balance sharing requires the Jazz numbers to be registered. There are no charges for transferring balance between Jazz numbers.

Prerequisites for Sharing Jazz Balance

Before you can share Jazz balance, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • The sender and recipient numbers must be active Jazz SIMs.
  • Both Jazz numbers need to be registered. Unregistered numbers cannot send or receive shared balance.
  • The sender’s Jazz number must have sufficient balance to share. Balance sharing is allowed only from the main account balance. Bonus balance cannot be shared.
  • The recipient’s number must not have restrictions on receiving shared balance. Some prepaid packages restrict balance sharing.
  • The sender’s number should have call services activated. Balance sharing may not work for SIMs with only mobile internet activated.
  • Both sender and recipient numbers must not be blocked by Jazz for any reason.

Steps to Share Balance from Jazz SIM to Another Jazz Number

Follow these simple steps to share balance from one Jazz number to another registered Jazz number:

1. Dial *340# from Sender’s Phone

  • From the Jazz SIM you wish to share balance from, dial *340#
  • This will open the Jazz Self Care menu.

2. Select Option 1 – Balance Share

  • From the main menu, choose option 1 for Balance Share.
  • You will now enter the Balance Share menu.

3. Enter Recipient’s Mobile Number

  • Enter the 10 digit Jazz recipient mobile number you want to share balance with.
  • Ensure you enter the correct number.

4. Enter Amount to Share

  • Next, you will be prompted to enter amount to share.
  • Enter the balance amount you wish to transfer from your account to the recipient number.
  • You can share partial or full available balance.

5. Confirm Details

  • Verify all the details entered – your mobile number, recipient’s mobile number and share amount.
  • If accurate, confirm to proceed.

6. Enter PIN to Authenticate

  • You will now be prompted for PIN verification.
  • Enter the 4 digit Jazz self-care PIN to authenticate and confirm balance sharing.
  • This PIN verifies your identity and authorizes balance deduction from your account.

7. Get Confirmation

  • Once PIN is validated, you will get a confirmation SMS.
  • This SMS will confirm successful balance transfer with the amount shared and the recipient’s number.
  • The shared balance amount will be instantly deducted from your main balance.

8. Recipient Gets Notified

  • The recipient Jazz number will also receive an SMS notification.
  • This SMS will confirm balance receipt and the name of sender’s number if registered.
  • Shared balance gets instantly added to recipient’s main account balance.
  • Both numbers can check updated balances by dialing *340# and selecting option 2.

That completes the balance sharing process from one Jazz number to another. The amount shared will be immediately credited to the recipient. Follow the steps carefully to ensure error-free sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sharing Jazz Balance

Here are some common queries related to transferring balance from a Jazz prepaid number to another Jazz number:

How much balance can I share from my Jazz SIM?

You can transfer any amount, from partial balance to full remaining balance, from your Jazz account to another Jazz number. However, bonus balance cannot be shared.

Can I share Jazz balance to numbers of other networks like Telenor, Ufone etc?

No, Jazz balance sharing only works for transferring balance between two Jazz prepaid numbers. You cannot send balance from Jazz to other mobile networks.

Is there any fee or charges for sharing my Jazz balance?

Jazz does not charge anything for sharing balance between Jazz numbers. You can transfer balance for free via the USSD menu.

Can I share balance if my Jazz SIM is not registered?

Both the sender and recipient Jazz numbers need to be duly registered to utilize the balance sharing facility. Unregistered numbers will not be able to share balance.

Why can’t I share bonus balance from my Jazz account?

The bonus or incentive balance is provided by Jazz for promotional purposes. To avail complete bonus, customers need to use it for own usage like calling, SMS, mobile internet etc. Hence, bonus balance cannot be transferred to other numbers.

How long does it take for shared balance to reflect in recipient’s account?

The Jazz to Jazz balance sharing is instant. Once you confirm PIN and get confirmation SMS, the shared amount is immediately deducted from your balance and credited to recipient’s balance.

Can I request Jazz to reverse or cancel balance sharing transaction?

Once you share balance to any Jazz number, it cannot be reversed or cancelled. You will need to request the Jazz number you have shared balance with to transfer back if required.

What if I enter wrong amount or wrong number while sharing Jazz balance?

In case you make a mistake in entering details while sharing balance, the transfer will fail and you will get a notification. You can retry with correct details. But no balance is deducted until successful transfer.

Is there any limit on Jazz to Jazz balance sharing transactions in a day?

Jazz currently does not impose any limit on the number of balance sharing transactions you can perform in a day. You can share balance multiple times subject to available balance in your account.

Can I report or block a Jazz number I suspect of balance sharing fraud?

If you suspect fraudulent balance deduction via sharing without your consent, you can call Jazz helpline or visit nearest service centre. Jazz will investigate and take appropriate steps if any suspicious activity is verified.


Sharing balance can provide great convenience to Jazz users. If you need to recharge another Jazz number or want to transfer credit, you can easily share from your main balance via the USSD menu. Just dial *340#, choose Balance Share option, enter recipient’s Jazz number, amount and confirm PIN. The process is free, instant and secure. With multiple checks and PIN authentication, there is no scope for any unauthorized deductions. Using Jazz to Jazz balance sharing feature as needed saves time and effort compared to manual recharges.

In an progressively advanced time, keeping up adequate adjust over the paid ahead of time versatile associations of your family and companions circle has been made straightforward and helpful by Jazz. Through its secure and moment adjust sharing handle, Jazz endorsers can remotely exchange accessible credits between enrolled Jazz numbers through the *340# USSD benefit.

Leveraging this consistent office as per require is advantageous for Jazz paid ahead of time clients in different ways. The key advantage is the capacity to immediately revive other Jazz numbers indeed once you are absent from domestic or incapable to visit adjacent top-up retail outlets. For occurrence, you’ll remotely share adjust from your Jazz SIM to quickly activate an terminated association of your family part who critically ought to make calls or utilize versatile web. Maintaining a strategic distance from slips in connectivity during basic times is basic in today’s world.

Adjust sharing too dispenses with the ought to independently buy scratch cards or hold up in long lines for revive, sparing noteworthy time and effort. You’ll immediately exchange portable credit from your Jazz paid ahead of time account to any Jazz number over Pakistan free of taken a toll. This encourages you to assist keep up dynamic associations of your contacts totally different cities or relatives living out of town when they are running moo on paid ahead of time adjust. No more depending on messengers, cash exchanges or other calculated issues.

From a trade point of view, organizations with representatives, merchants, providers etc having Jazz numbers can consistently give versatile remittances, reimbursements and motivations by sharing adjust straightforwardly to their SIM cards. This diminishes regulatory overheads related with manual distributions. For occasion, field groups and specialists without customary get to to physical energize alternatives can be immediately topped up by sharing adjust from the company’s Jazz corporate account.

Understudies and youthful grown-ups can also ask critical adjust exchanges from their peers in case they critically have to be enact versatile web for completing assignments or downloading think about fabric but need energize alternatives at the minute. The Jazz adjust sharing component empowers quick, unpaid exchanges between contacts in a secure way.

By utilizing technology to digitize paid ahead of time adjust disbursements, Jazz offers comfort in conjunction with taken a toll and time reserve funds that conventional physical recharges cannot coordinate. In any case, to avoid abuse and maintain certainty of endorsers, their strong adjust sharing framework joins numerous security validations. Key shields like required paid ahead of time enlistment, Jaz self-care Stick confirmation and SMS notices grant clients control over when and how much adjust can be shared from their accounts.

Once executed after Stick affirmation, a adjust exchange exchange cannot be switched or cancelled. This disposes of any vulnerability. Erroneous beneficiary number or sum entered will basically result in disappointment message without real adjust derivation. Extra checks are moreover in put to avoid sharing from unregistered numbers or those having confinements. The method is outlined to be consistent as well as ensured against unauthorized exchanges.

As Pakistan advances carefully, the wants and desires of portable supporters are too advancing. Jazz has introduced balance sharing highlight understanding the cutting edge convenience and utilization prerequisites of its paid ahead of time clients. Receiving such dynamic offices that use innovation to offer included esteem is key for telecom brands to distinguish themselves and pick up competitive advantage in a soaked showcase. The detailed step-by-step understanding given in this article will empower you to unquestionably utilize the Jazz adjust sharing stage for fast and hassle-free credit exchanges.

In conclusion, maintaining active and stacked Jazz paid ahead of time associations for self and others adjacent has been made straightforward, moment and secure through their portable adjust sharing benefit. It definitively moves forward client involvement and decreases paid ahead of time energize conditions for supporters. The strong prepare design guarantees assurance against abuse whereas giving comfort of inaccessible, moment adjust exchanges. Prepared with important information of its utilization rules, security perspectives and benefits, both person and undertaking Jazz supporters can optimize their paid ahead of time versatile associations. 

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