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How to Check Telenor Number

How to Check Telenor Number: In today’s day and age, we live very busy lives and have to remember a lot of things at once. As a result, we often end up forgetting a lot of things because of the sheer size of information we need to store in our brains. Also, we tend to forget things that are essential to remember like our phone numbers.

Today, we’ll talk about the ways that can help you find out what your phone number is, in case you have forgotten it, more specifically how to find out what your mobile number is if you have a Telenor SIM card

1. You can check your Telenor mobile number simply by calling your friend or by shooting him an SMS text message.
2. You can also find out your number by simply looking at the packaging that your Telenor SIM card came in. The packaging has your PUK and PIN code as well.
3. Telenor has a customer service which you can call to find out what your number is.
4. Pay a visit to the customer care center and ask them to help you out.
If you have tried these methods and still have not found the solution to your problem then fear not for there other solutions as well.

Visit the Telenor website

Simply open up your browser and go to the official Telenor website. There you will see a chat icon that will put you through to a customer service representative. Make sure that you have the ID card of the person that the SIM card is registered in. The representative might ask you some questions in order to verify that an unauthorized person is not illegally trying to tamper with your Telenor SIM card.

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Call the Telenor Customer Care representative

If the website method didn’t work out for you then fear not for there are other options on the table. For Telenor, the customer care number is 345. Call the number and follow the instructions until you are put through to the customer care representative. Ensure that you have the ID card of the owner of the SIM card, for the representative might ask you for it. How to Check Telenor Number

Send an SMS

If none of the solutions have worked out for you so far then do not worry. Another solution is to simply send a blank SMS to 7421. In a matter of seconds, you will get a text message from the Telenor customer care with all the details about your SIM card like your phone number, the registration and PIN code. You might be wondering but what if I do not have credit to send an SMS message, well, sending an SMS message to 7421 is completely free of cost and you don’t need to have a dime of credit to send this message. We hope that these methods help you find out what the number of your Telenor SIM card is and you can rest easy knowing that you don’t always need to remember these things.

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How to Check Telenor Number

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