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How to check Zong Number

How to Check Zong Number: One of the most forgotten details by humans, is their phone number. Mostly because of the hectic lifestyles we lead and no matter how hard we try to remember it, we still end up forgetting a lot of these essential details about ourselves. Our lives have been progressively been getting busier and in that, our brains can only store so much information. The sheer amount of best information that we have to store is huge and at times we have a hard time keeping up with what we need to remember and what tasks we need to accomplish.

Today, we are going to help you find out what to do when you have forgotten your phone number or more precisely, your ZONG phone number. There are multiple ways that you can take on order to find out what your Zong phone number is, such as

1. Call your friend- Try calling a phone number of the person who is in close proximity to you. When you dial the number, it should pop up on their screen and voila you have it.
2. SIM card packaging- If the method above does not work then fear not for you can simply look at the packaging that your Zong Sim Card came in. It has all the necessary details printed on it.
3. Send an SMS text message- Just go to the message option in your cell phone and send a message to an acquaintance, asking them to let you know what your number is.

If none these methods work out for you then, there are a few other options available. In case, you have no credit then, simply try these methods out.

Via USSD Code

Just like all the other network providers, ZONG too, has a dedicated USSD code to help you find out what the number of your Zong Sim Card is. Simply open up your dial pad and dial *2#, upon dialling this a message will pop up on your screen with all the details of your ZONG Sim card.

Via Customer Care Service

In case, the method above does not worm for you then you can call Zong customer care service. The number for Zong customer care is 310, call this number and follow the instructions carefully until you are put through to the customer care representative. Keep in mind that the customer care representative might ask for the Sim Card’s owner’s ID card, so keep your ID card handy when calling the customer care helpline.

Visit the customer care office

Zong has a network of offices nationwide and you can pay a visit to any one of them to help you figure out a solution for your Zong Sim Card related problems. Ensure that you have the ID card of the Sim Card owner and if it is registered in your name then, just have your ID card handy when visiting the Zong Customer Care Office.

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