IKY Scholarship Program for faculty members

According to the Joint Decision of the Ministers of Finance and Education and Religion No. 45572/Z1/19-4-2022 (Government Gazette 2003/v. B/20-4-2022), the State Scholarship Foundation offers a scholarship program for developing partnerships with Greek educational institutions or cultural bodies abroad. The initiative targets active faculty and, in rare situations, professors emeritus who live permanently in Greece and teach Greek language, culture, letters, and/or arts at a public Greek institution.

Submit proposals by 15/01/2024 for movements from 1/4/2024 to 31/12/2024 (return date).

Chapter 1. Topic

In order to promote cooperation between local and foreign institutions and support and spread the Greek Language, Culture, Letters, and Arts of the country, the State Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y.) will finance the transition of eight Greek university faculty members to educational institutions or Greek culture bodies abroad in 2024 to develop collaborations on these issues. Up to four faculty members can go to Europe and/or Africa, and up to four can go to America, Asia, and Oceania.

The program brings together Greek academics with expertise in teaching Greek language, culture, letters, and arts with their international colleagues to facilitate the exchange of views, partnership development, and promotion of Greek culture. The program also promotes Greek culture worldwide and its role in global culture. With Greek academics present, linkages between the cradles of Hellenism abroad and metropolitan Greece are fostered and synergies are encouraged.


  • In exceptional situations, professors emeritus who permanently reside in Greece with a subject connected to the Greek language, culture, letters, and/or arts at a public Greek institution can participate in the Program. Active faculty members have preference.
  • Faculty interested in applying submit the I.K.Y. application electronically and the accompanying supporting documentation.
  • foreign collaboration proposal (1,000 words)
  • Invitation from foreign institution Faculty member’s brief CV (maximum 1,000 words)
  • When signing the Funding Agreement of the shortlisted candidates, active faculty members submit a leave of absence if needed and the Senate awards emeritus professors a title.
  • The Cooperation Proposal must specify the theme area and justify its selection.
  • Include justification for choosing the foreign body or group to cooperate, objectives and intended results, target group/groups of beneficiaries, and an indicative schedule with activities, qualities, and relevant experience of the External Agency.
  • Foreign Agency invitations must name the faculty member requesting the transfer overseas, the subject/thematic area, the calendar of the cooperation, a record of activities, and brief biographical
  • information of those involved. Foreign bodies legally sign English or French invitations.
  • For the I.K.Y. to consider faculty proposals for cooperation, the External Agency must demonstrate competence, experience, and know-how in teaching, Greek studies, or Greek language/culture, or be affiliated with a Greek community abroad.
  • With its reasoned judgment, the I.K.Y. Board of Directors funds up to eight faculty members, four for Europe and Africa and four for Asia, America, and Oceania, based on the following criteria and score:
  • Evaluations: External Agency (1-5) Faculty Member CV (1-5) Proposed collaboration project (1-5) Added value from partnership (1-5)


  1. The application-responsible declaration is available exclusively in electronic form to the interested parties, who are obliged to fill in all its fields without any omission and to submit it according to the specifics mentioned below.
  2. Online application submission
    1. Applications are submitted electronically through an online application, until 15/01/2024 and 14.00 Greek time at the address https://ams.iky.gr
    2. The language of the application is Greek.
    3. By submitting their applications, those interested fully accept the terms of the invitation.
    4. No change is allowed in the details of the application after its final electronic submission.
    5. The application constitutes a responsible declaration of Law 1599/86 by the interested party that:
      1. has become aware of and fully and unconditionally accepts the conditions of the call for proposals and the relevant MOU,
      2. all the information mentioned in the application is true and that the interested party meets the participation conditions of Chapter 2 of the call,
      3. has submitted only one application under the call
    6. The following documents in PDF file format (max. up to 3 Mb/document) are attached to the uploaded online application:
      1. Short CV of up to 1,000 words
      2. Proposal for the collaborative activity up to 1,000 words
      3. Invitation from the foreign body
    7. The objective that will be indicated by the applicants in the “Aim of cooperation” field will be included in the Funding Agreement. The objective is a constituent element of the application and cannot be modified during the contracting process.
    8. Upon successful submission-finalization of the electronic application-responsible declaration, applicants will receive an electronic message with the code for electronic submission of their application. After the deadline for submission of proposals, they will receive the protocol number of their application by e-mail from I.KY.Y.
    9. Information – Administrative and technical support
      1. Administrative support: Mr. P. Afentakis, tel.: 210 3726331, e-mail: afparaskevi@iky.gr and Mr. M. Xarhoulakou, 210 3726348, mxarhou@iky.gr
      2. Technical support regarding the online application is provided at: techsupport@iky.gr


  1. The I.K.Y. and the Faculty Member enter into a contract, which mentions, among other things, the External Agency, the duration and the country of the cooperation, the object and the objective of the Faculty Member’s participation as well as the upper limit and the method of financing (hereinafter “Funding Agreement” ).
  2. The obligations of Faculty Members are defined in the Regulations and the Funding Agreement depending on the topic and objectives of the cooperation and concern at least the following: (a) complete adherence to the cooperation schedule; (b) active participation in the cooperation activities through suggestions, discussions , texts etc. (c) reference of the Program and the funding of the I.KY.Y. in any future publication regarding the collaborative activity.


  1. The costs financed by the Program cover the following: (a) entry visa (visa) to the country of cooperation, if required; (b) plane tickets (economy class) from a Greek airport with return (c) accommodation and meals (d) ) movement between the foreign airport, the hotel/accommodation and the place of cooperation.
  2. The maximum duration of funding for each Faculty Member is seven (7) days (six overnight stays) for the period from 1/4/2024 to 31/12/2024 (return date).

The I.KY. may at any time – even retrospectively – seek all or part of the funding pursuant to the joint ministerial decision under items 133397/Β2/12.08.2016 (Β ́ 2628) if it is established that they were collected in violation of the regulation of the program (KYA 45572/Z1/19-4-2022), this Call and the Funding Agreement.


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