What is Artificial Intelligence and Examples? How does it work?

Artificial intelligence is a computer system that is programmed to do what humans do. AI does not yet have the perfect abilities that humans generally have, but AI can do basic things like the following. 

  1. Acting Humanly = AI systems can act like humans.
  2. Thinking Humanly = AI systems can think like humans.
  3. Think Rationally = AI systems have the ability to think rationally.
  4. Act Rationally = AI systems have the ability to act rationally.

The four points above can already be done by AI. We can see his abilities in various aspects of life. However, keep in mind that each AI system can only do one of the four basic tasks above. In virtual assistant AI ( virtual assistant), we can see that the AI ​​system can think rationally through the answers to the questions asked. 

The development of AI in the world can be said to be quite rapid with the increasing development of existing technology. Not only in the form of robots as reported in the news, there are also AI systems that are intangible, such as in the cell phones and gadgets that we own. Have you ever thought about how AI can act like humans? Find out the answer in the following points. 

What are the Forms of Artificial Intelligence?

There are at least four forms of artificial intelligence technology that can be carried out by technical instruments. This computer science intelligence system based on human intelligence consists of:

1. Acting Humanly

This form is essentially artificial intelligence that can complete work and perform tasks that would normally be handled by humans.

2. Thinking Humanly

Thinking Humanly means that a technological device has a human thinking system. Can be involved in human activities thanks to this thinking style.

3. Think Rationally

Another way to think humanly is to think logically. So, the system was created to have the ability to reason critically like humans.

4. Act Rationally

The ability to think logically is followed by the ability to act logically, which is the development of a system where humans are not only able to think logically but are also able to react logically, such as recognizing whether something is true or not.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

AI can act and think like humans because of a program that has been structured in such a way. But not only because of the program provided, AI also requires new knowledge and experience like humans. This new knowledge and experience will add new information that can make the AI ​​smarter and able to take more actions. 

All of this is important because the core of the process or way AI works is learning , reasoning and self -correction This process is what makes the AI ​​system have the ability to learn by itself from knowledge and experience when AI is used by humans. 

What are some examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life?

If you can’t imagine what an AI system that can act like a human would look like, here are some examples. 

1. Virtual Assistant

Artificial intelligence in the form of virtual assistants is the AI ​​system closest to our daily lives. When traveling, we always carry it in our bag. When needed, we only need to call the name of the virtual assistant and they will answer questions or do something requested. 

For example, we can ask a virtual assistant to remind us of an event or task that needs to be completed. We can also ask about the weather or the latest news. Virtual assistants can even be relied on to tell us the estimated return time to the place we are going. These few things are just a small part of what AI can do in the form of a virtual assistant. In fact, there are still many tasks that can be done by AI. 

2. Face Recognition

The next example of AI can be seen from the security system on the gadgets we have. The facial recognition feature is an AI system that functions to provide protection for gadgets. Every time you try to open the gadget, the AI ​​system will scan your face and compare it with faces that have been scanned previously. If AI finds the scan results are different, then access cannot be granted. 

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning is a computer technique used to automatically improve the performance of computer programs based on data. It works by collecting, processing, and comparing data (from small to large) to look for patterns and assess differences. There are three types of machine learning that you must know, namely supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning. 

1. Outputs

Defining intelligence can be through knowledge, therefore knowledge is the output of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile machine learning produces output in the form of data.

2. Goals

Artificial intelligence seeks to create machines that can solve problems by imitating human intelligence. In contrast, machine learning seeks to create algorithms that can learn from pre-existing data.

3. Function

The main goal of artificial intelligence is to develop intelligent machines that can do the work that humans do. Meanwhile, machine learning works to train computers to carry out tasks according to data so that they can provide reliable results.

4. Data Type

Unstructured, semi-structured and structured data types are commonly used in artificial intelligence. Meanwhile machine learning only uses structured and semi-structured data.

5. Implementation Example

Google assistant, chatbots and other expert systems are examples of applications of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, machine learning is currently used in a variety of applications, such as recommendation engines (which provide suggestions for movies on streaming services and goods on e-commerce sites based on user behavior), Google search algorithms, Facebook photo tagging suggestions, and many more.

Currently, AI looks good and sophisticated enough to help humans with daily work, but it is certain that artificial intelligence will continue to develop in the future. Are you interested in learning more about AI? If yes, you can start your journey of learning artificial intelligence with GreatNusa. 

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