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Fiberlink Internet Packages

Fiberlink Internet Packages: In today’s day and age, everything and everyone is interconnected across all devices and vast distances. This inter connectivity can be attributed to the advent of Internet and the rapid advancement in technology.

Today, around 75% of the world has internet access, which has made sharing information super convenient for everyone. Moreover, the world is getting more and more interconnected everyday, this is due to the fact that Internet is expanding its reach to the most remotest of areas on planet Earth and that too at an incredibly affordable rate.

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In Pakistan, majority of the telecommunication market share is held by PTCL., which has led to PTCL having a monopoly over the entire market. PTCL, over the years has been accused of providing below-standard services and that too at an exorbitant rate. But now, that monopoly is being challenged by companies that have entered the market and or providing more reliable services than PTCL.

Fiberlink Services Area

One such competitor is Fiberlink. Fiberlink has grown significantly over the course of last decade, as of now Fiberlink is providing its services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad. Fiberlink is expanding rapidly to bring its services to people of other cities as well. One of the main reasons for Fiberlink’s success is the fact that it is providing high speed reliable connection at incredibly affordable rates.


The beginner level package is the 16mbps package which costs only Rs.1500/-. When installing the service, the cost is Rs.7000/- which includes all the installation charges. Moreover, the speed doubles from 16mbps to 32mbps at night (2:30 am – 9:00 am)


A step up from 16mbps, is the 25mbps package. This package costs Rs.2000/- per month and the installation charges are Rs.7000/-. The speed doubles at night to 50mbps.


The next package that Fiberlink offers is of 50mbps. The cost of this package is Rs.2500 per month. One time installation charges are Rs.7000/-. Just like the other packages, the speed of this package doubles at night (2.30 am – 7.00 am)


One of the most purchased packages is the 100mbps, the high speed internet connection is made available with the help of fibre optics cable. The monthly cost is Rs.4000 and the one time installation charges are Rs.7000. The speed doubles to 200mbps at night (2:30 am – 7:00 am).


The 250 mbps package, is among one the fastest internet packages that fiberlink offers. The cost of the 250mbps package is Rs.4200 with one time installation charges Rs.7000. The speed of the 250mbps package goes up to 500mbps at night.


If you are one of those people who browse the internet for heavier tasks which require a high speed internet connection then this package is for you. The 500mbps package costs Rs.4800 per month with one time installation charges at Rs.7000. The speed of this package doubles to 1000mbps at night.

To avail these packages visit Fiberlink’s website or simply call 111-456-123.

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