Jazz Launches Islam World App in Spirit of The Holy Month

Jazz is one of the leading telecom network providers in Pakistan and it enjoys a huge customer base l, due to its line-up of products, devices and services. Jazz is the result of merger between Warid and Mobilink, that happened in 2015. Prior to the existence of Jazz as a whole company, the two companies Mobilink & Jazz, operated their own networks and were two different entities. Jazz Islam World App

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Jazz is the fact that, Jazz provides a nationwide access of 4G network and in some areas 4G+ is available to the users. In addition to this, the telecom provider provides internet devices that, too, have availability across the nation.

Jazz Launches Islamic World App

Sticking to its commitment, Jazz launched an Islamic app by the name of ‘Islamic World’, which encompasses all the aspects of Islam, be it, prayer timings, Hadith, Ramadan Suhoor & Iftar timings, Holy Quran and Duas. The app is available to download from the Google App Store, free of cost.

The app is a great way to remain connected to our religious values as it provides an accessibility that is unmatched. The user can recite the Holy Quran para by para or Surah by Surah, and the app even has translations available in English and Urdu, to further accommodate the user.

As hectic as the lives of modern-day Pakistanis are, this app will surely make it easier for the users to have all of their religious texts, in their phones. Moreover, the app even gives the users to keep track of their progress as it features a Bookmarking option, that saves their progress and lets the user to pick up from where they left it off last time.

There are around 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide and out of the 200 million people in Pakistan, some 98% are Muslim, while the other 2% belong to other religions. So, the Islamic World app by Jazz will surely entice non-Jazz users to use the app regardless of what network they use.

Download Jazz Islam World App

For now Download Jazz Islam World App is only available on Google Play (Android devices) and can be downloaded from the following link:


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